10 Things You Used to Do On Independence Day – And Should Totally Repeat!

As we celebrate India’s 69th Independence Day today, why not rewind to some awesome things we used to do to celebrate August 15? Saturdays are blessed as it is and today is perfect for a beautiful trip down memory lane!

1. Wait in line for your share of motichoor ke laddoos, handed out by the school captains, and then gulp them down quickly so no one else can steal them.

2. Dress up in tricolour clothes without feeling conscious at all and groove to “I Love My India” in the school auditorium.

3. Hope you would be picked up to hoist the flag and stand up on your toes just a little to look taller than you actually were.

4. Pester Mom and Dad to take you to the children’s park or neighbourhood restaurant where they had put up hosts of tricolour balloons and streamers.

5. Listen to the Prime Minister’s speech with a notebook and pen in hand as you had to write an essay on it and present it to your General Studies teacher.

6. Look up the calendar to see when Raksha Bandhan is. This Independence Day fell on a Saturday and you had a day off anyway. Bah!

7. Dig into some amazing chole bature and jalebis at the local eatery made specially for Independence Day. (and not lament about how it is a Dry Day!)

8. Read up all about India’s freedom struggle and have the dates on your fingertips. You had to ace the Social Studies exam which the whole class was constantly complaining about.

9. Jump in joy when the television played Independence Day special musical programmes. Not switch the channel once as you were satisfied and even delighted with very little!

10. Send everyone Independence Day greeting cards you had carefully made with card-paper. Pin the ones you received to your bedroom wall.


10 thoughts on “10 Things You Used to Do On Independence Day – And Should Totally Repeat!

  1. Golden memories from childhood. I still remember those “desh-bhakti” songs that were played in the school in the morning before the flag hoisting! I loved the spirit those songs instilled in us!

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