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Online Marriage Registration in India – Process and Rules (EWebBuddy.com): All you need to know about legally registering that bond of a lifetime

My Mom-In-Law Doesn’t SAY Anything, But I FEEL Watched — Reality Or Paranoia? (Women’s Web): Do we set up our girls to fail at their relationships with a parent-in-law with a social narrative of monsters-in-law who they can never reconcile with?

Dear Men, Sex During Pregnancy Is OK. Stop Obsessing Over Porn! (Women’s Web): Husbands might be miss the sex during pregnancy of their wives, but is that a free pass for using porn, without any thought for the wife’s sexual needs?

No, I’m Not Done Grieving Her Loss – And Maybe I Never Will Be (Women’s Web): Why an Indian woman cannot grieve for long – when she has so many responsibilities as a wife, mother, daughter-in-law, how dare she think only of her grief?

7 Things People Assume About Me Because I Don’t ‘Talk Much’ (Introvert, Dear): Trying to wade my way through assumptions many people feel comfortable making about me because I am an introvert. Published on one of the leading online communities for introverts and sensitive people

5 Struggles of Being The Only Introvert at a Big Fat Family Gathering (Introvert, Dear): My personal experiences as an introvert stuck in family meet-ups

The Headaches (Women’s Web): Sheila comes to an important realization about being alone, and it was a headache that made it happen. Selected as a winner in Women’s Web May Collection (Muse of the Month)

From The Indian Wife Who Isn’t “Good With Kids” (Women’s Web): An Indian wife relates the biases and prejudices she faces from ‘well-meaning’ relatives in society, for not being good with children.

One Summer Day (Women’s Web): She had lost her mom, and though she kept re-living that summer day in her mind, she knew that she had to live with the loss. Contest winning entry for Goodwyn Tea.

Introverted Or Conceited? The Social Challenge Facing Quiet Women In India (Women’s Web): Are quiet women conceited? Or just introverts less inclined towards ‘a good chat’? Is it then fair to label them thus?

Many Rains Ago (Writer’s Melon): Memories of monsoon, from several years ago. Selected for Writer’s Melon “Raindrops on Paper” theme

Looking Beyond Alternate Sexuality (World Of Moms): Taking inspiration from the story of Dr. Manabi Banerjee, India’s first transgender college principal from West Bengal

Shades of Orange (Women’s Web): A little tale about Mala and her daughter, just the way the wind carried it… Selected as Story #1 in Women’s Web January Collection (Muse of the Month)

A Dip at Bhandardhara (Women’s Web): A part of the selected stories for Women’s Web ‘Travel’ theme in April, this is the story of a ‘drenching’ experience at Bhandardhara, a couple of hours drive from Pune. Ever heard about water being up to thieving? Well…

Growing up with Mum (Women’s Web): Written for and selected to be a part of Women’s Web ‘Mother’s Day’ collection, this is a collection of some of my moments with Mum. The summer afternoons and winter evenings, with good old Delhi listening to us laughing.

Involuntary Retirement (D.ustb.in) : Selected and published on D.ustb.in, this is the story of Madhav Narayan, retired Government servant, who refuses to let his retirement be all-pervading.

If Pune Were India (Guest Post, Bhavia’s Blog) : When it’s Pune that needs to be talked about, P&P doesn’t like missing out on a chance. This was a guest post for Bhavia’s blog and talks about the little nuances of Pune that make me fall in love with her every moment I am here.

The “Love-struck” Indian Fiction bookshelf (Blogadda): Ever wondered why the Indian Fiction shelves are so love-coated? Breaking up, hooking up, girlfriends, boyfriends all decked up in pinks, reds, hearts and bows? We present a case analysis.

Vidya (Delhi NCR): A not-for-profit organization that started in 1984, Vidya spearheads education and empowerment programs for children, youth and women in some of the country’s poorest neighbourhoods. The mainstay of Vidya is – you guessed it – volunteers. Light up a life. Help support Vidya’s cause by extending a hand here and here.

For Delight’s Sake (Women’s Web): Selected for front page publishing by Women’s Web, this is a part of a collection of ‘Writing Stories’ – why do you write? For the satisfaction, the venting or well, just the delight?

Of Hair, Here and There (Blogadda): An ode to a post-razor world, in this age of deadlines, responsibilities and time-less-ness. Th next time you say ‘drat that hair!’, be rest assured you have the solution.

* to be continued


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