DB, Elsewhere

Introverted Or Conceited? The Social Challenge Facing Quiet Women In India (Women’s Web): Are quiet women conceited? Or just introverts less inclined towards ‘a good chat’? Is it then fair to label them thus?

Many Rains Ago (Writer’s Melon): Memories of monsoon, from several years ago. Selected for Writer’s Melon “Raindrops on Paper” theme.

Shades of Orange (Women’s Web): A little tale about Mala and her daughter, just the way the wind carried it… Selected as Story #1 in Women’s Web January Collection (Muse of the Month)

A Dip at Bhandardhara (Women’s Web): A part of the selected stories for Women’s Web ‘Travel’ theme in April, this is the story of a ‘drenching’ experience at Bhandardhara, a couple of hours drive from Pune. Ever heard about water being up to thieving? Well…

Growing up with Mum (Women’s Web):Written for and selected to be a part of Women’s Web ‘Mother’s Day’ collection, this is a collection of some of my moments with Mum. The summer afternoons and winter evenings, with good old Delhi listening to us laughing.

Involuntary Retirement (D.ustb.in) : Selected and published on D.ustb.in, this is the story of Madhav Narayan, retired Government servant, who refuses to let his retirement be all-pervading.

If Pune Were India (Guest Post, Bhavia’s Blog) : When it’s Pune that needs to be talked about, P&P doesn’t like missing out on a chance. This was a guest post for Bhavia’s blog and talks about the little nuances of Pune that make me fall in love with her every moment I am here.

The “Love-struck” Indian Fiction bookshelf (Blogadda): Ever wondered why the Indian Fiction shelves are so love-coated? Breaking up, hooking up, girlfriends, boyfriends all decked up in pinks, reds, hearts and bows? We present a case analysis.

Vidya (Delhi NCR): A not-for-profit organization that started in 1984, Vidya spearheads education and empowerment programs for children, youth and women in some of the country’s poorest neighbourhoods. The mainstay of Vidya is – you guessed it – volunteers. Light up a life. Help support Vidya’s cause by extending a hand here and here.

For Delight’s Sake (Women’s Web): Selected for front page publishing by Women’s Web, this is a part of a collection of ‘Writing Stories’ – why do you write? For the satisfaction, the venting or well, just the delight?

Of Hair, Here and There (Blogadda): An ode to a post-razor world, in this age of deadlines, responsibilities and time-less-ness. Th next time you say ‘drat that hair!’, be rest assured you have the solution.

* to be continued

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