A Winter Love Affair

I turn to you like I would turn to a drug. Except I don’t do drugs. But wait, I believe compulsively soaking in the morning sunshine and sinking my nose deep into shiuli flowers also count as drugs, minus the grave bodily damage – ta da! But, I digress.

So I turn to you like I would turn to a drug. You lighten the darkest of my afternoons, when all I can see from my silly, corner desk at work is a sombre sky. I have such a love affair with you that it seems sad beyond the grave that you will be gone in a month or two. Relegated to cold storage, ignored, graying and dehydrating. Oh, did I not say? I am talking about oranges.

I have been an orange aficionado since I was in primary school. In fact, they were one of the main reasons I loved winter so much. Every afternoon, after finishing lunch, I would take two oranges in a bowl and sit out in the sunshine. I would carefully un-peel each wedge so it took me a good half hour to get through my fill. And every minute was worth it.

Today, I am deprived of my once daily orange-in-the-sun ritual. I am cooped up in office during the best hours of the day and venture out only when the roads are full and the air is dull. But my love affair with oranges continues. Here in Maharashtra, we get some of the best oranges of the season. They will last for a few more months at most, during which I intend to leave no stones unturned to source them. And then they will go, hurrying away with the winter breeze and the early sunsets.

Nothing lasts forever, not even angelic oranges. Except perhaps the dratted work-week which is more often than not interminable.


I wait for the weekend the entire week, counting the remaining days on my fingers till I can squeal in delight over how there’s no alarm clock the next morning. When I leave for work every day, my balcony is already flooded with tremendously inviting sunshine – the kind that makes me reconsider the point of leaving the house. When the weekend arrives, I tell myself, I will lap up as much sunshine as I can, sitting out in a green-field with a picnic basket and a book. Continue reading

Winter In Pune

Mahabaleshwar near Pune

Mahabaleshwar, a hill station near Pune [www.tourindia365.com]

It actually is cold in Pune. I mean, my-fingers-are-numb kind of cold. After years of arguing with R about how Pune can never compete with Delhi in the winter department, it does seem like this quaint old city is up to the competition. No, I am not complaining. In fact, I am delighted. Continue reading

When Memories Come Visiting

There are days when all I want to do is immerse myself in memories. Everything about such days triggers off a remembrance, right from the morning sun rising slowly up the horizon, to the baby pigeon and his mom sleeping peacefully in a box-bed in my balcony. There was a time when Mom and I snuggled up like that on winter mornings in Delhi, letting the house-cats raise a pandemonium and the vegetable-sellers shout their hearts out before venturing to really get started with the day. Continue reading

It’s Raining Tonight


*Picture from agfarson.wordpress.com

It’s raining in Pune. The night is still young but the skies look set for an all-nighter. The street lamps are glowing like fairy lights; they twinkle with every falling raindrop. The stars are all under cover but you can figure they are there somewhere, enjoying the sudden shower. The stars love anything that brings shine to the world – and takes the dust off leaves, pebbles and balcony railings. Continue reading

Why Celebrating Halloween Doesn’t Make Me A Bad Indian

Tangy Tuesday Picks – 3 November, 2015

Happy Halloween

I first read about Halloween in a story-book I got for my fourteenth birthday. It piqued my interest – you know, all those goodies and chocolates people have ready for you, the fun costumes you get to dress up in, and the glowing jack-o’-lantern at your doorstep. I especially loved the lantern because it gleamed so. (Erm, actually, it was the best possible use I could think for a vegetable I detest.)

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Oh Delhi!


Outside Shiv Mandir in Chittaranjan Park, New Delhi

I travel to Delhi tomorrow. After almost eight months of living away from the madness. And while I can’t claim Pune has been particularly sane, I have been away from the morning Metro rush, the honking cars outside my house, and the slight chill in the air that starts coming in this time of the year. But madness, really? This evening, randomly, I realize I have actually missed it all!

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