Sarabhai vs. Sarabhai come calling

Sarabhai vs. Sarabhai

For the uninitiated, Sarabhai vs. Sarabhai was a delightful comic show that aired on Star One some years back. It had neat characters, witty dialogue and life-like situations that were effortlessly hilarious. The Sarabhais lived in two adjacent flats in an uptown Mumbai apartment and it was this silly perpetration of mine last evening that brought them suddenly to mind. I hereby present:

The Case of The Parachute Oil Spill

D looked out of the window, straining her nostrils for any rain smell. It was apparently raining cats and dogs in Delhi. A whiff of subtle breeze came to her cheeks with a strong “No, I am not pouring.” D made a face and uncorked the Parachute hair oil she had in hand.

Why was the bed sheet so crooked on a side? It was magical how it managed to mess up every five minutes after she set it right. D walked to the bed and pulled at a corner and alas, thump! went her slippers in two inches of viscous hair oil.

Maya, the sophistication freak, inspected the spill with a pained expression. “Sad, sad. The whole world seems to be taking common sense lessons from darling Monisha.”

The darling in question – her daughter in law Monisha – piped in. “Don’t worry D, we will go ask for a complete refund from the oil wallah. How dare he sell you such a flimsy bottle?”

“How was he to know it would need to encounter gravitational forces this strong?” Maya tittered.

Sahil, Monisha’s generally calm husband, signalled silence. “Would you women pause the discussion and attempt to clean up this clog? It may decide to cling to your floor for good you know.”

D rushed to the bathroom to get a wiper. Indravadan, Maya’s chubby better half, shook his head with a smile. “With time dear son you will understand, our womankind and talkie-talk go hand in hand!”

Maya grimaced and sat herself down on the bean bag in a corner. Monisha mentally calculated the possible savings if they could scrape some of the oil back into the bottle.

As for D, she groaned about how the entire oiling-in-the-evening had been one bad idea.

(Rosesh – Maya’s younger son – was busy working at more poems, some of which you can check out here.)


I believe, S vs. S was hands down one of the best comic shows Indian television has had.

Star One, if you’re listening, can’t we have another round of re-runs? πŸ˜€

11 thoughts on “Sarabhai vs. Sarabhai come calling

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  2. Hmmmm I dont get to watch many indian serials but reading this it was a good show. I remember when i was in india this satish shah was hilarios and the lady too.

    I need to get the indian channels and have some fun.

    • Yep, Satish Shah was priceless as the mischievous Indu and I have always liked Ratna Shah. The good part about the show was that all the characters – even the extended family – were well etched. It never seemed a crowd like many other same-genre shows end up being.

  3. Would you believe, it was my favourite sitcom, I am fan of this on Fb too !
    the sophisticated Maya and his poor Indravadan, and Monisha omg! and that guy Roshes and his weird poetry !
    why dont they start another season !pls pls

    • Welcome to the club. πŸ˜€
      Yes, Rosesh was super cute. There was one of his poems/dialogues that spoke of a street dog doing the rounds of the dustbin. Haha.
      Oh how I hope they start another season… would be terrific!

  4. Sarabhai is my all time fav. Hindi TV show. I have all the episodes if you want. And its because of that show that my family started calling me “Indravadan of the House”
    And next…thats a very cool piece you have written. Or should I say “slick”.

    • Wow you don’t say πŸ˜€ – do share the videos, I have just a few.
      Haha, my Grandpa is called Indravadan for his bystander commentary on everything.
      … and thanks a lot. πŸ™‚

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