A Wedding, a detour and a flight to Pune!


A cousin ties the knot tomorrow. The golden, jewel-studded knot of prospective marital bliss. We will all be dressing up in finery and going to this banquet hall that will have music and good food. I can already see myself gazing at her wedding sari and the glowing lights overhead.

I have always been fascinated by weddings.

Yes, I hate it when you have to stand all alone and look at groups of people chattering away among themselves. That would happen to me when I was in school and was taken to weddings of every A, B and C who lived within ten miles of our block. Now, this wedding doesn’t come with such scenarios as I will be familiar with many of the people who will be turning up. In another time, I would have spent hours getting my outfit ready and sorting out jewellery. But my mind is preoccupied.

The day after the wedding, I will be travelling. Quite a lot of travelling. It will be a new city and a new village and an experience that lies merrily shrouded in mist. I have no idea what will transpire in that new land though I have been preparing to unravel the mist for a long time now. I sound lost do I not? But my mind is preoccupied.

What preoccupies my mind, do you ask?

Well it is simple. The day I will walk away from the new village – precisely on the 7th – I will be flying to – hold your breath – Pune! Sheesh. And we thought you were going vacationing with R to Africa’s land of lions. Now, Pune may not exactly be a universal Wonderland, but for this Alice, it certainly is. 😀

(Come to think of it, wouldn’t it have been grand had this post been in first person? I mean, the wedding bit…)

I wish there would be no return flights to catch. I wish I could unlock my former flat and sneak into the corner bed with its yellow quilt. The curtains would be dancing in the breeze and there would be a lone flower on the mantlepiece…

I have a couple of interviews lined up in Pune. Two, actually. And then there is one more later in the month. So that boils down to almost a week in the city. When I am done being interviewed, R and I can go check out if Art Beat still serves palak paneer and has the same smiling guy to wait on us. We can also go dine in Good Luck Cafe and relish some of the amazing khaana. To save myself being labelled a glutton, I also plan a trip to Chaturshringhi Temple, ICC, F.C. Road and J.M. Road. I wonder if these places will recognize me from March last year.

It’s been a long while away from Pune. Now that I think of it, it surprises me how long I have been away! How did I spend the long and lazy summer afternoons? Did the monsoon and its first rain not tantalize me? Did I actually get through Christmas without an aww moment at the decorations in Pune Central? I shake my head in dismay. I actually did.

I apologize, Pune. But I am coming back to make amends. It may be only a week now but if you forgive me, it might be a lifetime. The way R and I adulate you – gosh, you should be beaming from your left ear to the right.

God. Pray there be no detour(s) whatsoever now. Wish me lots of luck and get set going with me to ace every hurdle. Here I come!


27 thoughts on “A Wedding, a detour and a flight to Pune!

  1. have fun with your trip to Pune Debo 🙂

    I like visiting towns or villages in Indonesia but couldn’t imagine living in other city but Jakarta, I am too in love with what Jakarta has.

  2. Go go..have fun. It is amazing to go back to the place you have stayed in and loved a lot. I am sure you will have a blast.

    Oh and all the best for the interviews 🙂

    • Exactly! I had a complete blast but came back thinking there had to be an issue with the calendar. I look forward to the 19th now. 😀
      Thanks a lot for the best wishes… I am hoping the panelists liked me. 😀

    • Thanks a lot Usha Di! 😀
      I am longing to get on that flight… it’s now that I realize just how much I have missed her.
      Yes, you told me once… did you tell him about Coffee Shop and Coffee Stop? 😀

  3. hmm have fun and enjoy.. i myself have never been to pune .. so i take ur word for it 🙂

    and wedding are always funnn .. oh man its been ages since i have been to a wedding in india .. cum on someone get married and invite me 🙂

    • Bikram, I am telling you again. You must visit Pune the next time you are in India. I will send you an itinerary. 🙂

      Oh yes… I had a blast at the sangeet yesterday. Makes me crave to get married myself… I will make sure I invite you to guzzle. 🙂

  4. best of luck for interviews..sahi hai Mr. (R) right se mil lee aur Mr. D(decent) ko bhul hi gayi….just joking:) agli baar pune me entry nahi milegi agar mile bagair chali gayi to…

    • Hey… thanks a lot Deepak! So good to see you here! 🙂
      Arrey, Mr. D ko main kaise bhul sakti hu… milne ka toh pura plan hai bas aap gayab mat ho jaayiyega. After all, Pune me entry toh chahiye na. 😀

    • Yes, pics and tales… oh Nimue, I cannot wait to get set going. 😀
      Escape? Err, there will never be a pakka escape from Saddi Delhi. But even I would love to meet you in person…lets arrange one of those blogger meets or something. 🙂

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