“A year and more old in Pune, I am now quite a veteran. Moving here from Delhi has been a paradigm shift in many ways. Be it the headscarf-countered pollution the city has or the sweetness of the vegetable gravies, I am bowled over by the somersaults the place has brought to my being.” — 14 February 2010

I am now several years old in Pune, though I sometimes alternate with time spent in Delhi. Here are some mad musings as I go along further exploring life in – as the railway station claims – ‘the Macroman City’.

Macroman City, Pune

So, who authors this place?

Yours truly, Deboshree, Debo, Debby. And there are 94 more names. (Check  with extended family for reference.)

I am not the recipe type, you know…

Who said this is a recipe blog? One look at my kitchen and you will know I am the last person you want to come to for food. All I can get you is Maggi noodles and a blog dedicated to Maggi would be stretching it I believe…

So, what is this place about then?

Living alone in Pune after a lifetime in saddi Delhi. The weirdos I meet along the way and the couple of good souls. Packing bags for a quick vacation and eating out some random nights. The dogs and cats and horses of the place. Poetry that arrives on horseback when rain pitter patters on the glass window. A stray moment stolen in Delhi. Stories that the two cities weave in my mind –

Alright, alright, but why paneer and pulao? You almost got me confused.

My apologies. It’s just that I was praying for some food to come my way one hungry afternoon last year and magically, paneer and pulao came to my platter via a little restaurant near my flat. I decided to grant them the ode they deserved.

Oh well, maybe I’ll tag along.

Thank you, thank you. Pune’s worth it.

What you should know about this place:

  • We moved to Delhi for a bit in 2011 and then in 2014. We were then called “Saddi Delhi”, a name arrived at through debate and discussion
  • P&P is what “Of Paneer, Pulao and Pune” is fondly called and yes, he loves the name!
  • R refers to the better half, the good man in Pune who loves me.

Thanks a lot for dropping by and we hope to see you around often! 


92 thoughts on “FAQs

  1. Debo,

    Every time I end up here in your blog, it never ceases to leave me without zeal in my heart and a smile on my face. You are turning to be one of my most favorite writer!

    • Rose! It’s always a pleasure to hear from you, my girl. 🙂 How have you been?
      That is an exceptionally sweet thing to say. Thank you for the honour. I hope I can continue entertaining you with my writing. 🙂

  2. Hi,

    I have written a thriller named ‘THE ORDEAL’. It’s available on Flipkart.com, ISBN 9789381115428. Would you kindly review it?

  3. Hi!
    I would like to get my novel ‘And God Made A Mistake’ reviewed by you.
    Please let me know if u r interested. I’ll then ask my publisher to send u a copy at ur address.

  4. Hi,

    I would like to have my first book “Navarasa by Lotus” (“..by Lotus” is a part of title!) be reviewed by you. It is a collection 9 interlinked stories. More details can be found on http://9emos.wordpress.com

    Can you please let me know how I can make my book reach you.

    Thanks and Regards,

    • Hello Rajiv. The book sounds really interesting and I would love to read and review it. But since I will be going out of town in a couple of days, I doubt if I will be able to do it justice at the moment. If you will keep me informed, I will try my best and let you know…or perhaps you could channel it through Blogadda.

      All the best for the book! 🙂

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  6. Hello Debby, first things first… I love the title of your blog 🙂 Being the foodie, I was instantly drawn to it 😀 And I love the red chilly on the blog… spices things up 😉

    • Hello Nova… a warm welcome to Saddi Delhi. 😀
      I am delighted you liked the chilly… I take compliments directed at the chilly very personally. 😀 Hope to see you around.

    • Usha di… thank you so much. It feels so good to get a blogging award from you. You, who is my old, old fellow poet and senior. 😉 Hopping over to your blog to smile about my awards… keep smiling. 🙂

    • Hey! Thank you Zee! What could be better this year-end season than an award or two? 🙂 Delighted you like this place…really appreciate it. 🙂 I am going to go through the other blogs on that link right away…

  7. Knocked at your address by chance… some postman gave me your url… the paneer looked spicy… I decided to stay for longer…delicious pulao won my heart! Even I have been struggling to keep my fondness with the address I have currently…keeping till I am convinced to change it! Any suggestion? 🙂 I had a good time reading your posts!

    • My vote of thanks go out to the nice postman who told you about this restaurant of mine. 😀 Thanks a lot for dropping by Karan and like I said, I hope you’ll drop by more often.
      Yes, the fondness with a URL is hard to get over – and that’s the reason why I didn’t have the heart to let go of P & P. I think the title – Food for thought – fascinating. But yes, Beyond Investments had me wondering for a while. 🙂

  8. Hi,

    As I said before, I would like to send you my novel for review on this blog. Please let me know how I can do it. I’m no longer thinking of submitting it to Blogadda’s review program. I would like to send it to you personally instead.


  9. Hey, Debo, please stay in touch by gmail, as i have left indiblogger, i don’t wanna miss you sweetie.

    Love u, and ur name too. and pune too.

    • Hey Mohini! It’s been a while since I read your work… hope you’re doing good. I will surely try and be in touch… why did you suddenly quit though? 😦

      Take care dear… keep blogging. 😀

  10. i am a die hard, self confessed pune lover…
    just stumbled upon your blog from somewhere…with the anem of ‘Pune’ in your blog, i am already sold 🙂
    will go through the posts now…sigh…Pune !!! (am now in mumbai 😦 … )

    • Hey, I am a Pune lover as well. Now the type who’s maintaining a long distance relationship. 😦
      Glad you dropped by…
      I hope you have a good time going through the blog. 😀

  11. hey!whatte a lovely blog u have here! 🙂 just managed to read a few posts and had a smile plastered on my face! congrats on being the notable newbie on blogaddA! 😀

    n i m blogrollin u rite away on mine! 🙂

    • Hey Vinitha 😀
      I am so happy you enjoyed reading my posts so much… glad they made you smile.
      Thanks a lot for dropping you… hope to see you around more often! 😀

  12. and now, i started loving pune…
    anyway, come over to kerala sometime.. and do put up the words of green and beauty in your next blog.. 🙂
    loved blog.. 🙂

  13. Keep it as it is and post about delhi.. who really cares about what title you have on your blog??

    I started my blog titled ‘ragasofGITAM’ .. GITAM is the name of my college.. it’s been 2 years since I left my college.. I still run the blog under that name.. in your words, its an ode to my college..

    • Hmm you’re right in people caring about the content but the organizer in me kind of cares. 😛

      Oh that’s really nice… college memories never quite go away. I’ll keep the blog too, perhaps just change the title.

  14. I suggest you continue in this blog.. Rename the blog (I am not sure you can do that..) or just create a new blog and import all your old posts.. 🙂
    This is a history which you want to revist.. Some awesome writings..

    • Yes, I guess you can only change the title/description but not the URL. The importing suggestion sounds good; I can have a Pune archive in the new blog and when I return, I can add posts there… so it will be a Delhi-Pune combo. 😀 Thanks Shuba. 😀

  15. It is interesting .. because I have recently moved to Delhi after staying in Pune for a decade. And I am writing about Delhi frequently – more on my Marathi blog than English – Good to note that you like Pune. I am sure you would be glad to know that I like Delhi 🙂

    • Hey Aativas.
      Wow what a study in contrasts! 😀
      Oh I am super glad to learn that you like Delhi. Will certainly check out your writings on my home city. Thank you for dropping by.

  16. Hii. i was referred to ur site by saru. I am a problogger. u can check out my website which has been mentioned here. But have to say, im spellbound by your writing style. i just lovedddd it. it shows here u have taken out creative time for each of ur posts and each of them has been covered with a quick wit. Not to mention the creative domain name or the design 🙂 Puts me to shame as most of my time is spent tweaking the search engines rather than writing articles 😉 hehe. But seriously. Amazing work dear. keep it up.

    • Hey Hitesh 🙂
      Delighted you enjoyed going through my blog… thanks a lot. 😀

      Haha credit for the domain name should go to the restaurants who served me paneer and pulao all my initial months in Pune.
      Hope to see you around. 🙂

    • And now i have taken a full circle and reached pune again. I shifted here last week. There’s a banjara kida in me that keeps forcing me to move everytime. first delhi, then pune, then delhi back and now pune once again.

      Fortunately my blog wasn’t location specific and I can keep it.

  17. Pune, as I told, gave me my first taste of freedom. I lived alone with guys my age, enjoyed the food outside, and did a lot of masti. What I like about your blog is that I am able to travel with you to all the places that I had been. Have you written something about ganpati visharjan. I liked it a lot.

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