Ala the school trophy-showcase that shows off awards for debates and quizzes and painting competitions, here’s vain old me working at stocking my Blog Showcase.

The story so far:

32. Rotten Lessons: Part of the selected entries in the Times of India Great Litterbug Campaign

Great Indian Litterbug

Thank you for some amazing Happily Unmarried merchandise!

31. A Winter Surprise: Top Wow Post for Blogadda’s “Foe Turned Friend” theme

Wow badge

30. Spicy Saturday Pick on Blogadda: Time Turner

Blogadda's Spicy Saturday Picks

29. When it Snows: Prize Winning Entry in British Airways’ ‘Go Further to get Closer’ contest

British Airways IndiBlogger Contest Runner-up

28. Shades of Orange in Women’s Web

Pick of the month on Women’s Web, based on the theme “We tell ourselves stories in order to live – Joan Didion”.

 27. Prize Winning Entry in Air Asia’s Dream Asian Destination Contest

There’s Christmas gifting in the air, thanks to Air Asia. P&P bags a 5,000 INR Flipkart gift voucher for  ‘Glimmering Moments in Kuala Lumpur’. Yeay!

26. Second Prize Winning Entry in Mia by Tanishq’s “As Beautiful as Your Work” contest*

Mia Tanishq

“When Work takes Centre Stage” was selected as the second prize winner. Tanishq sent across a gift voucher worth Rs. 15,000/-. Reasons galore to be as beautiful as your work. :)

25. The Signboard: Prize Winning Entry in Apollo Hospitals and Indiblogger’s “How Does Modern Healthcare touch Lives?” Contest

So, what came my way was a neat pair of Bose OE2 headphones! Music just got a new definition. :D

24. Featured in Spring Tide and Parlance Publisher’s book ‘Kaleidoscope'; selected in the Top 5 in their nation-wide short-story writing competition 2013

You can even order a copy here. :)

23. Winner in Godrej and Femina’s Women of Substance Contest

Winners Announced for Woman of Substance

Courtesy this beautiful contest, Mom and I look forward to splendid moments deciding how to spend Rs. 2000/- :D Thanks a ton Godrej, Femina and Blogadda!

22. Second Prize Winner in Women’s Web Celebrating Girls, Celebrating Women Contest

Celebrating Girls, Celebrating Women Contest

A contest centred around celebration of woman-kind, irrespective of all that may try to get us down…and I intend to spend the Rs. 500/- Flipkart Voucher doing precisely that! :)

21. Cocooned in Coconut: First Prize Winner in Parachute and Women’s Web Goodness of Coconut contest


There’s no denying the goodness of coconut for the skin. This piece was a trip down memory lane, with the ride stopping at junctures laced with wonderful coco moments. And oh, it got me an i-Pad2! :D

20. Women’s Web picks up our Writing Story “For Delight’s Sake” for front page publishing in “As You Write It” (November)


Plus, a gift hamper from Notex consisting of a Jot It, a scribble pad and a memo scrib – delight indeed! :D

19. Selected as one of ten Premium Bloggers at Blogadda


I get to work on stories, conversations and posts for them and apparently, Premium Blogger # is now my ID. Woohoo! :D

18. When Silence is Not Golden: Winning Entry in “Women’s Intimate Health” contest organized by Blogadda and 18gain

Few things can rival the ease of online shopping. Especially if, courtesy, you get Rs. 2000/- worth free!  :D

17. ‘Roti vs. A Ping Pong Ball’ a Winning Entry in “I Stood Up” blogathon on Women’s Web

An opportunity to order Rs. 500/- worth from Flipkart is as good (or better?) than two Sundays in a row! :D

16.  “It so happens one rainy evening in Pune…” featured on Blogadda’s ‘Spicy Saturday Picks’

Blogadda's Spicy Saturday Picks

One of Pune’s earliest gifts this year… thank you Blogadda! :)

15. Women’s Web picks up my Story “Growing up with Mum” – for their Mother’s Day feature “Lessons from Ma” – for front page publishing in “As You Write It”.

WW-Lessons from Ma

14. “A Gaali in every Gully” featured on Blogadda’s ‘Tangy Tuesday Picks’

Tangy Tuesday Picks

Never thought a gaali could be of such functional importance! :D

13. Women’s Web picks up our Travel Story “A Dip At Bhandardhara” – courtesy “Of Paneer, Pulao and Pune” – for front page publishing in “As You Write It”.

Got me a neat little recycled-paper writing-pad from Pristh too!

Travel Story on Women's Web

12. “7X7 Blogger” Award by Novroz

A delightful award (and tag) that gave me the chance to showcase favourite picks from the blog. :)


11. Runner-up in ‘Around the World with Expedia! Contest, brought to us by Indiblogger

A travel tale of the Shimla hills got me a neat Rs. 1ooo/- gift voucher from Expedia. I like! :D

10. Candle Lighter Award”, “Christmas Blogger Award” and “ABC Blog Content Award” by Usha Di

Seasonal blog awards to light up my place… thanks a lot Usha Di! :D

Christmas Blogger Awardcandle-lighter-awardAbc-award

9. Liebster Blog Award…(Dec 2011)  Courtesy Zeeshan @ The Rune of Self

What can be better to wrap up a year than an award or two? Thank you Zee! :D


 8. Winner of Smart Cookie Mug – Courtesy Chatterbox @ The Dialogue

Riddles, I have discovered, are great when you want to acquire a really neat blogging mug!

7. Contest Winner in Dove and Yahoo! Real Beauty Contest

In Dove and Yahoo! Real Beauty Contest (hosted by Indiblogger),  “Beauty, over the ages” bagged an Editor’s Choice award…a cash prize of Rs. 5000/-


6. Contest Winner in Indiblogger’s “Crusade Against Chlorine

“Murder in the Water Filter” bagged the second prize – a neat little Sheaffer pen worth Rs. 7000/- – in the “Crusade Against Chlorine” contest organized by Indiblogger.

5. Editor’s Choice (31/5/2011) by BlogJunta

“Beauty, over the ages” was picked by BlogJunta’s team as one of the Editor’s Choice entries for 31st May 2011.

Editor's Choice @ Blogjunta

4.The Versatile Blogger Award by RituparnaUsha DiBikram and Deeps

A blogosphere award, this is given out by bloggers to their favourite spaces in the blogging world. Rituparna, the owner of “Chocolates and Dreams” passed it on to me. Subsequently, Usha Di, Bikram and Deeps have also been generous. :D

The Versatile Blogger

3. Contest Winner in Tata Tea Jaago Re’s ‘Too Busy To Care’

In a delightful contest organized by Tata Tea, bloggers came together with write-ups pertaining to social issues. More than a contest, this was one awakening experience, bringing to the fore the umpteen issues of urban life that we ignore. Sometimes even, choose to ignore. My entry, Mr. Rao teaches a lesson won the first prize of a neat Rs. 5000/- gift cheque.

2. Contest Winner at Women’s Web

They hosted a Women’s Day contest for which bloggers came up with stories about courageous women. I managed a third prize win – a delightful little WW cup – for the entry Having the last laugh.


1. Notable Newbie Award (March 2011) by Blogadda

This goes out every week to an *interesting* blog chosen by the Blogadda team. The blogger gets to be the Notable Newbie. I got to be in the hot seat in the second week of March. :D

Notable Newbie

Thank you! :D

I hope there will be many more… :D

10 thoughts on “Showcase

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  2. wow debo.. u won lots of prizes.. that certainly talks about the quality of your blog.. do share ur prizes with me.. :).. we will become partners for winning entries ok??.. :P

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