Write to Me

Hello there!

I figured this place should be a little more interactive than public comments. Like, you might have a juicy secret to share or an idea for a write-up or a nomination for a contest perhaps? :D

Yes, we review books and are pleased to receive copies for the purpose. With certain rules here and there. If it ain’t gore / erotica / non-existent, you are most welcome to write in to me with credentials and a proof of existence. Read: a website, Flipkart and the like. (This is just to keep the phantoms off  – for we have had a few – and not to dissuade you good writers down the block.) To sample some reviews on this blog, go here.

We are open to product/service reviews, if deemed relevant. You can sample these here. Drop us a note if you like.

Even if it’s none of that and you just want to say hello, please feel free to write in to me. My inbox is being built into a fortress that keeps hate mail away! :)

— We are now accepting requests for Reviews. Write in! —


4 thoughts on “Write to Me

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