Write to Me

Hello there!

I gather there is something on your mind. Something you’d rather talk to me about personally instead of through public comments. So, here I am, ready-ing this channel just for you.

Please write in to me if you want to discuss any of the following:

  • Reviews for books, products and services (to sample some reviews on this blog, go here)
  • Branded content, press releases, blogger meets or other PR initiatives (sample branded content on this blog here and here)
  • Freelancing/consultation for content writing, editing and marketing including SEO-based articles, blogs, webpage content and e-books (browse through some of my published work on other platforms, or write to me to view portfolio/samples)

Note: We don’t currently host guest posts on this blog. However, we are open to associating with you if you have a story idea to pitch. 

Even if it’s none of the above and you just want to say hello, please feel free to write in to me. My inbox is being built into a fortress that keeps hate mail away! 🙂

We are not accepting requests for Book Reviews right now. Will be right back, promise!


4 thoughts on “Write to Me

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