A Morning Ritual I’ve Abandoned

Morning Peace

Picture: zeus1001.deviantart.com

What do you do first thing in the morning? No, I am not about to suggest yoga and a glass of lemon and honey – practice before you preach, you see. I have intermittently tried stretching and waking up my sleepy nerves with lukewarm water. But then, the prospect of shutting my eyes to five more minutes of dreams is often very inviting. There is something, however, which you should definitely NOT do immediately after waking up.

Golden Morning Rule We Are Always Told But Never Heed: Don’t stare at, touch or interact with your phone. Just don’t.

Beyond switching off your alarm, that is. If you think hunting up the umpteen notifications from various applications will wake you up, well, it will. But the waking up will be a rude jolt you are better off without. Why find out where who is holidaying and eating and drinking when you have to be trapped in an office cubicle all day? You don’t need the relativity demonstration in your face just now.

Talking of relativity, you must also avoid in-depth analysis about the “other people” in your life. Morning is not the time to figure out what X has been saying about you, how Y feels offended as you haven’t called them up or how Z is going to hijack your long-awaited Sunday afternoon. Kay Sera Sera – whatever will be, will be. Letting all this hog your vulnerable dawn time is a rotten idea. And you bet it is vulnerable. Remember how an imperfect breakfast egg or bedraggled hair make you feel?

Mornings should be about you and how you are planning to spend the day doing something you love. (“Something”, I said, not everything. Be reasonable!) Wake up to a nice alarm tone, look at the sunlit sky, drink some water, kiss your spouse. Every new morning is a new beginning, a new chapter to your story. Even the prettiest of phones or the most important other people are not as central to this story as you are!


28 thoughts on “A Morning Ritual I’ve Abandoned

  1. Ahaan! Good food for thought. I used to do it too earlier but skipped it as now I have to rush as soon as I open my eyes! 😦 But weekends make me guilty of this!

  2. That was a lovely post, Debo. I do check my phone a little bit in the morning, but I am in the process keeping phone away. I have been meditating these past 5 days in the morning which seem to be agreeing with me. 🙂

    • Wow Vinitha, meditating in the morning is such a lovely habit! What could be a more peaceful time?
      Glad you enjoyed the post. Here’s to a lovely Thursday morning! 😀

  3. I do follow the morning gym and lemon juice and honey routine regularly 😀
    I agree about the notifications part. Morning time is our time. The world with its info can wait. ☺

  4. You are absolutely right! Whats the point in checking out applications on phone and then crib who is on holiday while you spend your day sulking in your own office. Abandoning the morning ritual should be reversed 🙂 Well written !!!

    • Exactly Shilpi! It just makes me cranky and crabby and generally grumpy if I see too many holidaying people in the morning. 😛
      So happy you enjoyed the post! Thanks a lot. 😀

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