Getting a dose of the “Being Busy” fever

BusyIt’s such a busy world. Everywhere I look, I see people rushing by and no one knows where the other is headed. Kids rush to school, one of the bigger ones tripping over a stone as he pores over a textbook.  His Mom was too busy the previous night to bother about his class test in school. She was on the phone for a straight two hours, planning the weekend’s housewives’ day-out with her friend. The Dads of the world rush to office, wannabe Dads and Dads in the making run behind their legal (often newly so) wives, buying them every item of lacy fancy from the overpriced boutique near the house.

I even see things rushing by. The winds are stronger; it’s already nearing the end of July and we have several gallons of yearly quota left to fulfill, say the monsoons. No wonder Delhi has been finally getting some rain and the sun is happily enjoying half-day offs. Plastic packets of potato chips fly by – they need to meet peers under the “Say No To Plastics” Board. Particles of dust – abandoned by a step motherly pre-rain-shower-breeze – wheeze past. The cheery members of their light-headed, dusty family giggle at some heavy-duty vehicles whose natural speeding impulse has been checked by a much too common traffic jam.

You can be too busy to put the milk in the refrigerator. Or you may be too busy to iron the clothes in the night. I tried to reason with my cousin…but you can’t be… “Exactly di, you can’t be judgmental about these things. If I was too busy to lock the house, then I was! This is no time when I would fool around or lie you see.” Of course. Never mind how burglars broke into her rented apartment and got away with her laptop and gold earrings before the housemaid arrived at the scene.

On similar, if rather tamer lines, you can be too busy to call up friends and relatives, be a social networking regular and keep up with that ever-expanding email inbox. “You never ring up.” complains the best friend. “All the spare time that you have is scheduled for that better half of yours.” Thankfully though, I find schedules safely removed from the realms of love. The day the two collide will definitely be doomsday. Can you imagine the likes of “But you were supposed to love me at 4’o clock!” “I am sorry darling, how about we shift the arrangement to another day?” I’d request you to kindly ignore the literal or otherwise connotation of the term when used in the aforementioned regard.

Those people in shiny offices claim they are too busy to eat, and hence too busy to attend the wedding of their younger brother.  If you thought attending a wedding attains some inner, nobler purpose, you might consider a reality check. Barring the shopping and the food, a wedding can be a pain you know where. Especially so if you are close to that very vulnerable ‘marriageable age’ . You will be surprised to find some people happily shed their cottony covers of busy-ness and advice you on the sense and sensibilities of a well-timed alliance.

The younger brother in turn, claims he is too busy to personally invite his friends from school and college – the ones who had solemnly pledged to have a riot at each other’s bachelor party. The bachelors claim they are too busy to ‘invest’ in a committed relationship. The investment bankers of course are too busy to do anything much but pack in truckloads of money. The world has really progressed. People are too busy for the people in their lives. If the party goes on, they may actually have the good fortune of being too busy to live.

I am still very small fry. Over the past two weeks, I have only been too busy to blog.

34 thoughts on “Getting a dose of the “Being Busy” fever

  1. Sigh, I’m having both the “busy fever” and just regular fever too 😛 I think I prefer the latter.. being busy is toooo boring!

    Thanks for the big beautiful does of comments! The latest post has been corrected and comments available B-) I don’t know how it got disabled. 😥

    • I hope your fever is better now Leo. The regular one I mean. The busy fever is too adamant to let you off so soon. 😀
      Ha ha… I was busy like you already know. That is why the comments came all at once. 🙂

  2. I’ve said this earlier but I’ll say it again anyway – I love your writing style. The world is busier than it ever was. Life is getting busier by the day. Everybody’s running in a hurry and no one seems to have spare time. Thankfully, our blogger Deboshree isn’t too busy to write once in a while. 😀 😀 Awesome post!

    • Oh totally Ajay, everybody is always in a hurry. Where I wonder, true to the great poet, is the time to stop and smell the roses? 😀
      But like you said, I will always have time for writing. Touch wood. What else will I do? 😀 I am delighted you enjoyed the post… your comments always enthrall. 😀

  3. I am sorry that I haven’t visited earlier to comment on this post, Deboshree, I have been too busy, you see. 😛 But I have not been that busy to miss your regular posting. 🙂

  4. its a hilarious post and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, being stung by a busy-bee is a common excuse for not shouldering ur responsibilty nd off course priority do changes…

    • Oh then I have the perfect explanation – you’ll note I was actually stung by the busy bee some time back. The evil little creature hasn’t spared me any mercy. 😦
      Glad you liked the post! 😀

  5. Back with a bang, Welcome Deboshree! Glad to have you back 🙂 Busy is just an excuse for being lazy, i guess 😛 Nice take as usual, enjoyed reading the post 🙂

    • Thanks a lot Arti. 😀
      Oh come on, how can you think I would have an excuse for not writing… 😦 But yes, I promise to try and avoid even this very genuine reason in the future. 😀
      Glad you enjoyed the post!

  6. What a nice post to say you have been busy 😉

    When it comes to busyness (is this even a word??), I think we need to change the week into 8 days so you can have 1 day to relax.

    I have been very busy last month…but thank God I can spare 1 more day at home to be busy with my house chores, my mom and my 2 little girls 🙂

    Hope you’re not too busy to keep on writing, Deboshree

    • Novroz, full marks for that brilliant suggestion! I find Sundays – supposed weekly offs – rush by in a string of tasks we have lined up for ‘when we get some time’. It would be great if we could get another day but then I fear work will grow to fill the time available…Parkinson’s Law. 😀

      That’s lovely; what’s life without time with the people who matter the most? 🙂 We should never be too busy for them even we adorn that mask for the rest of the world.

      And no, I will never be too busy to keep on writing. Touche. 😀

  7. Nice to see you writing again! Welcome back debo :). Its not that people are busy that they don’t meet up. Its because something else has a higher priority. I make it a point and put in effort to meet and talk to people who matter to me.

    Whether they like it or not is a different issue altogether 🙂

    • Gosh, that ‘back’ sounds as if I was on a hiatus. Gracious, it has been only a fortnight. But thanks a lot Dhanesh. I sure am back. 😀

      Ha ha… yes, I concur with you about that – we have our own priorities and where our Ps figure in the lists others have is hardly a question. 😀

  8. Guilty of not calling friends up….but that’s not because i’m too busy, but because partyly i dont care, and because i prefer writing/chatting to talking on the phone: except with two of my real close friends.

    but otherwise, i’m NEVER too busy. in fact, i seem to have too much time in life that i’m sometimes left wondering what to do with it.

    Hmm…even smaller fry, i guess 😀

    • Writing always has a distinct charm…. I have to agree with you on that.
      Ha ha, good good. That means you have some great time management skills. Not being ‘always busy’ is the way to go. I am glad there are people who are away from the bug. 😀
      We are in the same lake Priya. 😀

  9. 🙂 well this is hilarious cause Each time i ring up someone in india and ask how come you did not call or reply “OH I was busy”.. everyone in india is VERY busy always .. beleive me

    I have Two jobs here and one is pretty much ON the roll everyday all the time I still get time to call my friends and as you see blog and comment .. How can someone be so busy is beyond my imagination , I feel its more of dont care attitude 🙂

    Finally you are back 🙂 so what you been busy doing he he he he 🙂

    Take care 🙂 and happy Catching up

    • Ha ha ha…my sympathies are with you. Few things are more irritating than an “I am busy” at all possible instances of time and situations. As if the other people in the world have no work to do. 😀

      Yes, the don’t-care attitude is very common with people today…and anything stretched to an extreme becomes bad.

      I really don’t know what it was that kept me from updating this place for 2 weeks… maybe a bit of time management gone wrong. Thanks Bikram! 😀 😀

  10. He he he…. Yeah.. I had guessed that you had been stung by the “busy bee”. Hence the fever. 😉 ;;) Anyway, welcome back dear. You were truly and dearly missed. 🙂 🙂

    • Ah, now I know the key to the mystery. It must have been that spiteful bee. What’s the world coming to? Such spite I tell you! 😛
      Thanks a lot Chhavi… 😀 I see a lot of catching up to do.

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