Need an on-flight dictionary lookup? Wordweb’s not for you!

No More Wordweb for flyers!

Homebody that I am, I am a frequent flyer. The very noble leave policies of my company mean I cannot take a leave pre or post a two-day weekend. “It’s called sandwiching.” the HR Manager explained with a dire look on her direr face. How do I take a trip to Delhi then, I prodded hopelessly. Take an EL (earned leave) she said. Or hop out of the flight, take a quick look around and hop back on to a return plane.

She didn’t say so in exact words but it boils down to a pair of flights every time I need to go home. My company isΒ pleased with the solution but not so pleased, it seems, is Wordweb – the free dictionary I use on my Windows XP.

I always go around with an Oxford in my purse; it belonged to my Mom when she was in school and there are, you know, sentimental reasons. But to avoid a new Google tab each time I want a word enquiry at work, I downloaded Wordweb. It’s really neat and comes with use-in-a-sentence examples.

All was hunky dory till yesterday morning, when it suddenly popped up a question – “How many flights did you take last year?” There were multiple choices that said yours truly didn’t fly at all, took a couple of return ones or went all grand with more than that number. Viewing it as a survey question and being in a hurry to get on with my work, I selected the last and hit OK. Bang came a no entry message that declared me ineligible to continue using the software for I am the one the greenhouse and global warming chapters in your school Science books warned you against. Boy, was I stumped!

I found a workaround by running the setup again and sending in a fat lie the next time they asked – fly? What fly? Wouldn’t you know if I had wings?. Nullbit here comes up with some more workarounds you can use.

Green Pune, Clean PuneThe weird factor forgotten, I admit they managed to rouse the drowsy environment freak in me. Reminded me of school they did, when we had a Green Delhi mission – we went around street play-ing, telling people of the havoc plastic creates, planting saplings and in entirety, making the most of our week off from 8 to 2 classes.

Pune is a far cleaner and greener city and I would hate seeing her spoiled. When people who have lived here for donkey’s years tell me they miss her forgotten culture and snort at the over-invasion of I.T., I feel upset. I smile when I then see them going for breakfast at Good Luck Cafe and chatting over buns and tea.

The Wordweb license may seem rather strange considering flights – now taken even weekly by scores of people – are a part and parcel of modern life. But the lesson they intend: cutting down on toxic emissions and keeping Earth the pretty blue planet we see in kids’ astronomy books – is worth a million bucks.

Today onwards, I am never using a plastic bag.Β  I will carry a nice blue jhola or acquire a couple of Green bags from here. AndΒ  I am not letting people I know use plastic bags either.

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22 thoughts on “Need an on-flight dictionary lookup? Wordweb’s not for you!

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  2. oh that’s what it’s for
    i got the same thing pop up on my screen and i thought people who frequently fly have more money hence they can afford to buy wordweb instead of using the free version :\

  3. Excuse me to sound preachy, but people who don’t think a second before polluting must watch these documentaries. And they are very entertaining.

    1. Home, a documentary by Yann Arthus-Bertrand. This movie will simply arrest you by its beauty. Best seen on a big screen.
    2. Age of stupid (Very very intelligent documentary,NOMB(Analyzes the Not on my Backyard mentality).

    • I have heard about Home. Haven’t got a chance to see it yet though.
      Thanks for sharing these Dhanesh – you never know how sometimes a visual aid or a well made documentary can drive the point across the wall.

  4. Some people look upon it as some act of conscience, i.e. not carrying a bag. We need active participation in this cause as its going to affect us all.

    IT folklore are amongst the biggest culprits. How much of an effort would it take to switch off your pc? A couple of minutes at max! Some say there is a live transaction going on or server update. In that case you can leave your monitor off or at least switch on the power saving mode.

    Really pleased to meet some one who is environmentally conscious.
    Kudos πŸ™‚

    • Hey Dhanesh.
      Couldn’t agree more. We have had several switch-off-your-PCs-before-leaving notices doing the rounds in our company and it’s only now that I see some change actually happening. It’s scary when you think of the degraded state of things on the planet and the spook factor should actually be impetus enough to wake up.

      Thanks a lot πŸ™‚ Hope to see you around!

    • Thanks Tanishka πŸ˜€
      Yep, they are ugly, they are uncool and it’s strange how the ultra-modern generation of today hasn’t given up on them yet. Speaks for habit I guess.

  5. While it is a nice idea to limit people who have a large footprint from getting free stuff, I am wary of corporations beating the holier-than-thou drum. But kudos to you for making the small changes at your end.

    • Oh yes, those holier than thou corporations deserve being wary over. It’s mostly self-ends meeting hoopla ho that they create.
      Thank you πŸ™‚ There are days you know when the state of the earth makes you believe the apocalypse theory is correct.

  6. Good for you.. You do it as such if each one does one good thing the planet will be a better place to live.. a good thought of not using plastic bags πŸ™‚

    All the best …

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