Spelling Bee Stings Pune: Are you safe?

Spelling Bee

It was one of my favourite contests back in school – the Spelling Bee. We would practice and we would practice and get to know dozens of exotic words. The bee will sting your arm, my Mom would joke, if you mess up that “occasion” once more. A walk through the city this weekend, however, brought to my notice several avenues that would have made Spelling Bee tear up. Sample these:

I like my chicken mashed darlings. Leaves more “room” that way.


We are doing plurals you see, two and more “maintains” at a go.

The Maintain Menace

Now end your calls the call ender way!

The Call Ender

Come, break your all night fast with our break fast.

Breaking of the Fast

Since the day we lost our i’s and a’s, we give a damn to your articles.

The Loss of the Articles

Bidding every offer a polite no, I escaped in a rickshaw before I could “loose” my spellings.

All complaints of offence to be sent to the snooty Spelling Bee.
Picture Courtesy: http://teaching-direction.blogspot.com

20 thoughts on “Spelling Bee Stings Pune: Are you safe?

  1. Awesome collection. Reminded me off all menu from my hostel canteen. Wish I had taken some pics. “Break Fast”, now I am going to tease anyone who had a fast the previous day with it. 😀

    • Haha yes hostel canteen menus used to rock, the bad way. “Break fast” reminded me of a Laloo joke I had once got as a text – it was about some hunger strike that he took between lunch and dinner. Thanks for dropping by! 🙂

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