Halloween Horrors in Pune – 5 things for you to do

Wondering how to spend your Halloween Sunday? Here are some tips to make this 31st October one of the eeriest you’ve had:

1. Avenge your absurd rent-hike…Trick or Treat your Senapati Bapat Road House Owner
Now it’s the Marriott, yesterday it was Tech Mahindra’s recruitment, tomorrow it will be the Deepak tea-vendor buying himself a new cart. No reason is too trivial for Pune house owners to hike the rent. Now is the time to pay back… look your horrific best, hold a jack-o-lantern firmly in your hand and stand in the doorway with ghostly determination – you better keep the rent as is or I am going to let all the phantoms in!

2. Dress up to spook… party out at Aqua, Casanova or Hard Rock Cafe
There are costume parties for adults and kids and adults who don’t want to be ones all over the city. Get together your scariest accessories, deck up in the darkest blacks and blues and you can even get your face painted for free at the venue. There will be music, there will be dancing and there’ will be thrills helter skelter…Too good to miss!

Halloween @ Hard Rock… check out the details.

3. Ghostly Feasts are in… splurge on dark, Gothic (read carnivorous) delights at Good Luck
Halloween isn’t the time for vegetation. Splurge on several yummy chicken dishes at Good Luck cafe. Finish up with dark chocolate mousse for dessert. You won’t regret the few added calories for the food is well worth it all. It is even said that the place casts a spell on customers so much so that it is the one restaurant they’ll recommend sitting up in their graves. Never mind the delays in the service. Maybe you can make distorted faces and scare the waiters into serving you first.

4. Go watch Jhootha hi sahi… it’s uncannily scary how the audience laughs as you fail to ferret out the slightest joke
Welcome to la la land. People enter through the doorway only to make way for the other standing in queue to arrive five minutes later and sit down for dinner like he has no other task in the world… With no intention of sounding smug, I dreadfully missed a few connectors, some commas and frustratingly a full stop in this mindless ‘comedy’ of errors. The other audience surprisingly laughed and laughed. I came out of the theatre seriously anxious about the mental disorder that took away my sense of humour. Trust me, there’s nothing scarier than an am-I-psychotic thought.

5. For the lazy heads: Draw the curtains, bolt the doors and tune in to some good nightmarish sleep
Halloween being a Sunday offers you a day without your access-card, your demanding team lead and your sugar-coated Satan of a boss. Withdrawal symptoms can bring nightmares and beware of your anti-dreams as you spend the day lazily in bed.

Here’s wishing all Pune-ites a very Happy Halloween!

Halloween Jack-o-lanterns

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