Marrying off my best girlfriend

Where in Pune do I get great wedding wear? A quick ask-around fetched me a few giggles, some smug stares and thankfully, a few usable answers. “Try Deccan.” said one. “Oh come, Laxmi Market is a much better option.” cut in another. “Comes out lighter on the pocket too.” Anyway, the point is, I now have a list of select places to shop if my best girl friend suddenly decides to get married.

Ask her and she starts on a nervous rant. I am way too young, says the eternal I-turned-13 yesterday girlie. There are others that go “I haven’t found my kind of man.” and “Marriage is too big a leap.” Granted her princess like whims and fancies are enough to scare the most determined of suitors at times, it’s hard to not fall in love with the complete devotion she showers on one and all: a “friend” who never bothers to call unless on a personal emergency, for instance, or the colleague who once enquired if she was well.

The first year of our friendship passed away in dealing with college politics, our then separate group of friends and the marks-aren’t-meant-to-be-given rules in our university. But the second year onwards, I realized she was my true partner in crime. She listens to Hindi pop music all day every day but manages to drop in an intelligent remark on the English music scene when snobs come by. She also knows how to cheer me up by dropping a casual remark on how her office doubles up on dull days as a roaming about ground.

We have a bet on who’ll tie the knot first. Both of us staunch feminists who go about advertising equality for the womankind, I used to be in serious doubt in college about the happily ever after scenario. But looking through rose coloured glasses is fun I have found, when you trust the one who sold them to you. I await eagerly the time I will walk in to her wedding in my elaborate designer ghagra, and drop in a word to her hubby dearest about her love for bathroom fittings.

My favoruite teacher ever – Matthew Sir – to whom I owe all the love for writing I have, used to end his letters thus.

Here’s to you Kalpana – hope our love lives and never dies! πŸ™‚

Best Friends

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9 thoughts on “Marrying off my best girlfriend

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  2. I had the same bet with my best friend, while sitting on the last bench of our class in school. Unfortunately, I ended up getting married first and she still hasn’t stopped rubbing it in. My strategy is to feign ignorance when the bet is brought up.. but I know she doesn’t buy it.

    This was a fun read πŸ™‚

    • Haha you remind me of a bet I made with a friend in college – whoever got married first would treat the other to a pizza in the then newly opened, overpriced Pizza Hut. Geographical boundaries are making the situation complicated now but lets see.
      Thanks a lot for dropping by! πŸ˜€

  3. Isn’t in amazing just like marriages are made in heaven even match with your best friend is…. Mine, is just the better opposite of me, made all the efforts for our friendship and I called her crazy…

    rest I will save for a post that I plan to write on us

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