“It’s good to be in love!” says a smiling D

Pink Boungainvillea

What happens when you ignore age-old advice on how to stop falling in love? Ta da da, you end up feeling dreamy and dew-drowned and one fine day, you find yourself wondering how neither the blueness of a new cloud nor the warmth of the morning sun can replicate the charm of a sweet “Good Morning!“. Magic embers undulate and voila, before you know it you’re in love.

My darling D has had the past year moving along similar lines. With her former I-am-happily-single constancy now gone for a toss, she came me to me the other day recounting how love has changed the little things in her life:

  • * “Whoever said you don’t wash your hair at night? To scare away the procession of colds that’s all set to attack me, I now have to get up early in the morning when I plan a head bath.” Good for her I thought… at least she’s getting to enjoy early rising benefits.

  • * “I feel like a finance planner when we sit down gauging if we can afford a dinner out.” Otherwise, she said, they happily postpone the plans for the next month. Love brings financial wisdom too, I found out.
  • * D has someone she can explain her day in entirety to: the reason behind the squabble with the girl next cubicle, what she feels like eating for dinner, even the mystery behind a bad-hair day. “Though there are times,” she rolled her eyes, “when he sings me away, I get my heart’s fill of conversation for the most part.” Lucky D.
  • * “I have to have a proper sit down meal each day, every day.” D seemed mixed in her response to this, but knowing her I know this is one major blessing. D used to be prone to attacks when she would keep working or writing or merely staring at the sky. Her food would inadvertently get cold and she would end up grabbing a bite off the shelf. “Now I have proper eating habits,” declared D, “albeit brought about with some force.”
  • * “I don’t have to cry over familial issues in silence. Not only does he understand but comes up with solutions and ways to cheer me up.” Touché.
  • * D was in a major career dilemma the past few years. Now I see her all inspired and excited. “My decision is made. You have no idea what an impetus love can be!” Career advice is in the package? I thought out loud as a precursor to her retort -“Being all sorted out feels secure . More so when I know I have someone to come back to if the strings jumble up again.” I see.

I exhaled. D is happy. And looking forward to Valentine’s Day.

D's in Love

“Why do you need a day for love?” I made a final, feeble attempt at gaining ground. “Isn’t it a childish proposition succeeding only at adding fuel to the fire of commercialization and show business?” I remarked, replete with taken-from-the-newspaper inspiration.

“I believe,” she smiled, “love deserves a celebration. And Valentine’s Day is perhaps one of those rare times when die-hard romantics like you appreciate having someone you can be childish with.”

Sometimes I think, D knows me far too well.

Picture Courtesy: Boungainvillea: Yours Truly 🙂 and Bag: www.picsquare.com

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