Collected Valentine in Pune tips from the domain experts

Love Meal at Mac Donald's

What’s cooking this Valentine, good looking? Err, Maggi noodles. Don’t even begin to snigger at that one. My plateful of masala Maggi is the closest to my heart this month of love. For varied reasons I have lately been having terrible dinner experiences and these adorable strands of maize have been loyal companions at all unearthly hours. But if you are looking forward to interesting options for tomorrow, I have painstakingly got together an assortment for you, by self proclaimed experts in the “Date Planning in Pune” domain. Take your pick.

Fun and Frolic-ers: They like it easy on the pocket and without the added fuss. At a measly 200 or so, they want to be in possession of a table and two chairs to talk the evening out.

Try Mac Donald’s. They have a special Love Meal going around and I am not sure about the calculations but I think it comes down to a saving of 10-15 bucks. The good part is you have a burger and fries and coke to hold hands over. Never mind the blaring music in the background (I have never been to a branch that plays instrumentals or even light country for that matter) or the hovering waiters looking for places to adjust the standing couples.

Classic Love-rs: They are the retro kinds who believe that flowers shaking and bushes leaping was far more subtle cinema than today’s sleaze fiesta. They are willing to forget the money factor for a nice dinner out one special night.

See you at Koyla. This is a dainty Hyderabadi restaurant in F.C. Road that serves delicious chicken. (I am sure their vegetarian kababs are amazing too) The candles are lit and for once, it actually is dark enough for them. The place looks out of a dream and the music is mostly ghazals. Experts say a dinner here followed by a quiet walk in Pune’s light breeze is a wonderful healer and what’s better than emphasis this Valentine on love’s healing prowess?

The Outliers: If the world’s going out on a dinner, they are the ones who advertise a diet regime. They agree to disagree on most ways of the world and on Valentine’s, are likely to come up with gifting ideas that include a frying pan or a vacuum cleaner. (Come to think of it, these would be useful amenities. Far more value for money than crystal teddy bears or jack-in-the-box pink hearts.)

A horse cart ride at Camp is the expert suggestion. It’s a great way to enjoy the city night lights, to say nothing of the old world touch. There are camels too, if you’d prefer rustic. With Koregaon Park at a stone’s throw, exotic dinners are no issue. Perhaps you could even book a meditation session at Osho Ashram if there’s more time to kill spend.

Horse Cart ride at Camp

Ah. Maybe tomorrow night I can trick Mom into financing me a Valentine dinner.


8 thoughts on “Collected Valentine in Pune tips from the domain experts

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  3. I definitely prefer a frying pan to a crystal teddy bear. And I love Maggi (or Top Ramen instant noodles).
    But it’s good to see Pune residents being left alone to enjoy Valentine’s Day by the various publicity seeking culture-police gangs.

    • Top Ramen noodles! Oh they are delightful.
      I am keeping my fingers crossed. I don’t like the showbiz kind of hoopla ho about V day, but there should be nothing to raise eyebrows over if people want to set apart a day for love. Lets hope there’s no unnecessary nuisance.

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