5 Symptoms to Diagnose If You Need a Tablet

  1. You get called to meetings you never knew had been organised –Before you substantiate your I-am-being-framed theory further, you might like to get some help with planning your day (read here for how). In the crazy life we lead, it is entirely possible to muddle up your dinner date with your appraisal meeting.
  1. Your laptop has started crumbling at the edges from being pushed around in public transport –They didn’t make laptops to be carried around in arms or kept on the floor of Delhi Metro coaches. For that matter, editing, restructuring and commenting on intricate work documents on a phone is creepy, if you’re like me on this. And sigh, this elementary situation is what the boss chooses to be ignorant of.

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Dwelling on Dell


While sifting through some stuff in my closet the other day, I came across the thinnest phone mankind has ever known. Okay, that may not be entirely correct, but the mere sight of the malnourished phone took me back to an era when slim was completely in. Companies vied with each other to produce a phone thinner, yet packed with more features, than the adversary. We eventually moved to larger screens till they became so large they ceased fitting into pockets, purses, handbags and suitcases. We are still confused; the markets abound in all shapes and sizes of cellular devices. And then we have tablets, phablets and goblets.

Do we really need a tablet? What can it achieve that a phone today can’t? Is it wise to introduce kids to electronically manufactured delight early in life? In the light of recent queries I have received on my new Dell Venue 7, I intend to dwell on some answers.

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Talk, baby, talk

No small talk

*picture from abortioneers.blogspot.com

The whole world is talking.

About what, you ask? Well, anything and everything. The statistics about people becoming less concerned with fellow beings be damned – the world around me seems more interested in everybody else than ever before. In such circumstances, the dear souls who find engaging in small talk tedious have never had it so hard.

So, I am one of the most keep-to-myself people you may find. While that may seem odd, considering how I talk about all and sundry here at P&P, it is the truth. I am a talkathon with Mum, R and the best girlfriend. The rest usually label me as the sweet introvert. Well, at least I hope the ‘sweet’ comes in. For ‘attitude’ is another ‘in’ descriptor for people like me.

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