Bottle-Green Plans

Bottle Green Diary

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I had a bottle-green diary in school. The first few pages had the national anthem, the school anthem, and good thoughts to see us through the day. As the school term progressed, the subsequent pages would fill up with time-tables, exam date-sheets and assignments. Mom and I would highlight key portions in fluorescent colours, and make mnemonics and symbols in the margins. The bottle-green diary is now all full. Of writing…of memories. Though good old paper and pen can never cease being endearing, let me tell you how my Dell Venue is pretty neat when it comes to planning my day. Even though it’s black.

The Corporate Fallback: I hate being an e-mail addict. But I also hate unread mails in my inbox. Especially if they come up in monotonous meetings where you’re lost in the beauty of a rain-washed Delhi…until you’re called. On my way to work, I make it a point to read/reply to work e-mails and mentally divide my time as per the day’s calendar. It saves me precious minutes at work – minutes I can then utilize to ensure I leave on time. Moreover, a second screen is a great help on server/system down days to ensure technology doesn’t interfere with my err, work-life balance.

The Tour Guide: There are days when public transport fails me. Or gets to my nerves. Especially in the light of how I am a lost soul in Gurgaon, the tablet’s location and navigation guide is a Godsend. No longer can I be fooled by cries of “Madam, take my auto!” or need to look miserable at road dead-ends.

The Social Consultant: I continue to get skeptical glances about being a Delhi-ite for 1. Some people assume all Bengalis are born in West Bengal and 2. I am bad with “social hangouts” in the capital. I needn’t worry anymore for lo and behold, applications on my Dell Venue are my new consultants. I can suggest a nearby restaurant for a surprise lunch with a friend, checkout what movies are playing in the nearest theatre, book flight tickets for an urgent trip out, and even video-chat with a friend I haven’t caught up with in ages. All without the risk of running out of space and memory on a teeny-weeny phone and giving myself the peace of mind that comes with being clutter-free.

The De-stresser: After a long day with a variety of demons, I appreciate a quiet evening, with a lilting tune and friendly weather. While the latter is never in my control, the tablet ensures I never run out of music, movies and books. Even when on the go to a boring social do I am dragged into. And no, I hardly mind glances that scream “why come to a party when your nose is deep into a screen.” It’s better than having my nose into things that interest me not, I say.

Come to think of it, the Dell Venue has rapidly assumed the role of a planner and companion in my life. I have half a mind to buy it a bottle green cover.

Stay tuned for more on this, shortly.

*Written as a part of Dell Blogger Review Program


12 thoughts on “Bottle-Green Plans

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  3. I am enjoying my Dell venue too.. Its doing a great job for me too… books, movies, calendar planning and wordpress…

  4. Loved your inputs on planning 🙂 Really love reading your blog

    Even i keep a digital journal. It makes me feel safe that no one else can read what i write about since my diary is password protected 😀

    • Delighted you like it here, Lavanya. 🙂
      Haha yes, a digital journal has plenty of perks. That way, our thoughts and plans are safe from the wear, tear and prying eyes of the world. 😉

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