The Incredible Reason I’ve Been MIA

Ironically, the last post on this blog was about reaching a personal zenith (completing the April Blogging Challenge) and veering dangerously toward zero immediately after. Today, more than 2.5 months since that post, I am here, accepting that life indeed throws zeniths and zeroes in quick succession (even simultaneously?). But behind this absence lies a reason that I am still struggling to fathom. To comprehend. To believe.

I am now a Mommy!

No kidding!

❤ ❤

In June, I met a little baby boy who was camping in my womb for the last nine months. He now shares a bedroom with R and me, and our new roomie has been taking up all our time and attention. He is so utterly tiny that it seems impossible to believe he can stir up the storm he sometimes does. Between keeping his tummy full and his bum clean and angling for those rare smiles that light up the gloomy monsoonal days in Pune, my life has gone for a complete somersault. So, where am I now? Somewhere between feeling completely clueless and overwhelmed to counting weeks until the little man rolls over, sits, talks (!), walks, has discussions with me about the beautiful sonnet that is ‘Absent in the Spring’…

So, anyway, starting today, my blog will be shared by the new man in my life. He already has tons of tales to tell, of dreams that are predominantly about milk, of exactly how to fuss so Mum and Dad will snuggle you to sleep, of switching between nerve-wracking fussiness to heart-melting cuteness at a moment’s notice.

I hope you will encourage the little one by cheering for his posts. I am counting on you.


31 thoughts on “The Incredible Reason I’ve Been MIA

  1. Hi Deboshree,

    Such great news! Congratulations and all the best. Looking forward to the various stories of motherhood and re-experiencing childhood 😀


  2. Congratulations Debo ❤
    Welcome to motherhood. I can't wait to read stories from the little angel and your experiences about this new phase of life.
    Loads of love to you and the little Prince ❤

  3. First of all, many congratulations to new mommy😘😘😘 and hugs to the little man 🤗🤗🤗
    Mommyhood comes with a whole lot of responsibilities and dreams. Enjoy your precious moments ❤️❤️ 😃

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