Little C

My son cuddles up to me, still half asleep, his little body warm and fragrant in a way only babies know how to achieve. He smiles, then nods off. I wonder of what he will dream. I have a hunch it will be his favourite lion king.

When he wakes up, my boy gives a massive squeal of excitement. Crawls so quickly into the living room you would think they were dishing out free chocolate cupcakes. He pulls himself up on the couch and proceeds to dump all the cushions onto the carpet methodically.

My little one had a birthday a few days ago. He is now one year old, and my oh my, he already seems to have transformed into a toddler. Throws mini tantrums if you don’t let him nibble at your food. Screams when you hold him down to change his diaper. Acts overly sweet and smiley when he wants to bite your nose.

Already, he is happy to wiggle about from room to room, climbing, exploring, err, re-organizing. He cries ‘B-Byeeee!’ if you open the front door only to take out the trash. Holds on to my hand and hums as he walks, looking up quizzically when we encounter an obstacle in our path. Babbles ‘Ma-Ma-Ma’ when R shows him old photographs. Giggles when R clears his throat in the washroom; he even attempts quite an accurate imitation.

Where did my baby go?! He would fit entirely in my arms when he suckled at my breasts and struggle to keep his eyes open. You could place him on the bed, under a play gym, and read several chapters from a book. You try that now, and he would have unloaded the laundry basket, emptied the pantry, and uncorked all the bottles before you could finish a page.

I know exciting things lie ahead in this second year of his life. Little C is growing up fast, and as his mum, it fills me with joy. But with each passing moment, my baby becomes more independent. There will be a day when he won’t come tugging at my pants when I do the dishes in the kitchen. He will wish to play with his toys by himself, hang out with his friends – possibly even be embarrassed by his mama. He will want other things in life than just his mum’s proximity and the comfort of her touch.

Allow me to end this post right here as I return to cuddle up with him once again. The days do seem long sometimes, but when put in this perspective, I realize they are way too fleeting. I want to soak up the smell of his baby-soft skin and the warmth of his breathing. It needs to last me for the remainder of my life.


22 thoughts on “One

    • Thanks a ton, ME! 😀 Your comment put things in perspective – one day, I too will be looking back at the craziness of these times with awe, relief, and even -gasp- some longing! 🙂

  1. I know what you mean. My elder son is 10 and a half years old and the younger one is 3 years and 8 months old. They grow up so quickly. This post read as a poetic one to me. 🙂

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