When Memories Come Visiting

There are days when all I want to do is immerse myself in memories. Everything about such days triggers off a remembrance, right from the morning sun rising slowly up the horizon, to the baby pigeon and his mom sleeping peacefully in a box-bed in my balcony. There was a time when Mom and I snuggled up like that on winter mornings in Delhi, letting the house-cats raise a pandemonium and the vegetable-sellers shout their hearts out before venturing to really get started with the day.

Today is one such day, when memories come visiting unannounced and create such a realistic impression of themselves that I am almost fooled. They seem so real, quite like they are happening again – the familiar warmth of my mug of coffee, the morning tip-tap of my keyboard, the sun quietly lighting up the room, and the prospect of a January stretching lazily ahead, complete with fresh oranges, roasted groundnuts and a sun-baked terrace bed.

It doesn’t do to dwell on dreams and forget to live, said Dumbledore. Only these aren’t dreams; they are figments of my life. And recounting them from time to time is my defence against the forces of nature and time – the ones that do their best to eat away and fade whatever we have left of life.

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19 thoughts on “When Memories Come Visiting

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    • Welcome here, Traci. 🙂
      You put this brilliantly; this is indeed the best way to keep memories alive. The fear that my memories will fade with time keeps me up at night. Hence the written documentation. 🙂

  2. Dumbledore’s comment was probably quite correct, but the emphasis is “don’t forget to live.” If we can isolate dreaming from living, (so the two are not necessarily linked) it is a wonderful way of revisiting yesterday; planning today; preparing for tomorrow. Without dreams there is no progress. Dreaming can be such a relaxing experience. Dreaming can be an escape into fantasy. Dreaming, I would suggest, is a very important part of our existence. It should be given every respect as it enables us to live. I am a dreamer … and very proud of it! 🙂

    • Perfectly said, Colin! 🙂
      I agree with your interpretation of Dumbledore’s advice. He doesn’t discourage dreaming – indeed there’s neither magic nor life without dreams – but merely asks us not to forget getting on with life. There’s something amiss when your dreams start interfering with life; the two should be best friends.

      Carry on being a dreamer, Colin. I will too. It’s like you said – a wonderful escape into fantasy!

  3. Well debs how are you doing..

    Memories are always sweet because I feel we remember them because they have a left a mark.. and that what leaves a mark is always good .. well mostly. .

    But life is becoming so fast and is hurrying that some memories are fading .. thank god for the diaries I use to write .. I can go back in time and live some of the days again..

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