Thoughts of Winter

It’s official. Winter has arrived in Delhi. I declare winter to have set in when Granny brings out her warm clothes. And she has. Over the weekend, we also brought out the quilts and put them out for a sun bath in the terrace. Our youngest cat – he will experience his first winter this year – couldn’t for the life of him figure out what the warm, fuzzy things were doing sprawled all over his playground.

I love the onset of winter. 

The nights now come early – indeed it’s totally dark by the time I leave office. The mornings are chilly and there’s nothing as rejuvenating as a steaming hot shower and hot chocolate afterwards. On weekends, all I want to do is sit in the sunshine, nibble at oranges and watch the pigeons which are always in abundance in the house across the street from ours. The sun feels delightfully full of memories and dreams. Or that could be because it also makes me drowsy at times.

Grandpa detests winter. He says it makes him lethargic and poignant, especially when evening sets in. I tell him to focus on how it also implies less electricity – no fans, no A/C, no refrigerated beverages. That makes him feel better. 

When in Pune, R and I indulge in pakoras and hot coffee and talk about winter in Northern India. “You’ll never agree that it does get cold in Pune.” R usually complains. “You could at least wear a stole.” I promise him I will; I rarely do. Pune ain’t cold. Sometimes though, a stray gust of wind brings along a long-forgotten memory of winter back in Delhi – feasting on groundnuts with Mom, warming water for a hot-bag, putting up Christmas decorations all over the house. Then, I usually hold onto R and entrust the warmth of his words with helping me ward off the cold.

The year will soon come to a close. The world will glitter another time with lights and festivities. Mom will put on her white, woolen cap and ask me to open the gifts Santa left for me under the tree. A part of me will forever be Mom’s wide-eyed, happy daughter who got a fluffy dog and a set of books for Christmas. Though rooted in a time I can never return to, that is the only part of me that feels alive.


27 thoughts on “Thoughts of Winter

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  5. ah yes.. winter has set in a bit early here too!
    The snow, the cold – so far has been a bit too much! 😀
    but, yes.. I’m already thinking of Christmas and lights and the New Year 🙂

  6. Beautiful peace. Made me nostalgic. Coming to think of it what is nostalgia…..its that bitter sweet pain that you get in your guts recalling times you chanced upon to enjoy….

    • “its that bitter sweet pain that you get in your guts recalling times you chanced upon to enjoy….” I think you said it perfectly. I often wish nostalgia wouldn’t also bring along a kind of sorrow. But the beauty it revives compensates for the sorrow. And no time like winter for nostalgia!

      Glad you liked the piece. Thank you. 🙂

  7. I so love winterrr.. and miss dilli ki sardi…. 😦 especially… the sweet sunshine…the warmth felt wearing layers and layers of woolens, the magic of chai..nestled between your hands… and ofcourse.. garam garam paranthe… 😀

    • Oh my, oh my. You talk of winter so lovingly that I feel a sudden chill even in the air conditioning at work. 😀 I forgot the garam garam paranthe. Those are perfectly delightful too! Come along to Delhi. We will enjoy Dilli ki Sardi together. 😀

  8. Aha! I so miss India’s winter. So true bout Pune weather and as you walk down FC, you feel the cold that only a cuppa chai and of course, daaru would provide solace.Aha! The winter as we walked down Deccan as scarfs, woollen caps, cardigans and Kejru muffler put on display on the pavement. What moment of life it was! Lost in translation now.

    • No one like you discuss Pune and her delightful weather with. 🙂 To add to your beautiful description – feasting on hot buns and coffee in Good Luck Cafe. The world is a lovely place. 😀

      I can understand how you must miss the good old days. May this winter bring you loads of good memories. 🙂

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