In defence of coffee

I daresay coffee has it only a trifle better than guinea pigs when it comes to scientific study. I have read about coffee being good for your liver, bad for your skin and bad for your liver the next time I checked. The stores boast of rich product portfolios of trillions of types of coffee – decaffeinated, hazel, espresso, everything but the kitchen sink – and I have seen health freaks twist their nose in distaste when offered a brew.

On winter mornings, I downright cherish – what’s a stronger word, treasure – my cup of steaming coffee which I partake of from a seat by the window. These are usually mornings when I do not need to be out in the maddening crowd or spend a divine day trapped in some godforsaken bit of work, but can stare into nothingness, think about the rest of the beautiful day, and watch the cows come home.

When the health freaks make me their object of distaste, and I feel benevolent enough to let them feel good about themselves, I casually replace my coffee with the bitterest concoction of green-tea in my possession.

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39 thoughts on “In defence of coffee

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  5. Oh no, coffee is only a good thing over here. It’s lifeblood. I couldn’t get through the day without it. Even though I switch to decaf tea at night.

  6. Deboshree – The fact whether coffee is good or bad for health is debatable. I have heard some positives in favor of coffee as well. So forget everything and enjoy your cup of coffee, Just don’t get addicted!

  7. We should be allowed to enjoy a guilty pleasure once in a while. I love herbal tea above all but once in a while I will derail towards the scent and taste of a cup of coffee. For me, when I need a certain injection of thoughts, then coffee is the trigger, only sometimes. The “appliance of science” can sometimes remain at the doorstep like the big bad wolf.

    • Absolutely! A lot of things touted to be bad for us can actually be good for us when consumed in moderation.
      I can relate to what you say about coffee: the fragrance is sometimes a “trigger” to a fresh stream of thoughts… 🙂

  8. I really hope science is back on a coffee is good for you kick. As I am currently drinking 2-4 cups a day. Sleep deprivation has really fueled my caffeine addiction. And I just really love the taste of the steaming beverage that warms my soul.

    • Have to agree with you on that, Kasey. 🙂 Science has a love-hate relationship with coffee and you never know which phase will be upon you when. Best to not pay too much heed and do what you want. 😉
      Sleep deprivation does fuel the desire for coffee. I remember surviving on coffee back in the hostel during my PG days. We would be up till wee hours of the morning and then rush to classes fueled by coffee.

  9. My sweet tooth ended my coffee habit. By the time I’d added sugar, hazelnut syrup and cream it was like having three desserts a day! So I had to give it up. But as a luxury treat, maybe with added Bailey’s liqueur, I still find it irresistible : )

    • Coffee with sugar, hazelnut syrup and cream – that sounds divine! I can see what you mean, Jen. Definitely as tempting as dessert. 😀
      Welcome to my place. Hope to see you around. 🙂

  10. Coffee and the westernized lifestyle (respectably tired after work, a nuclear family or a modern working individual’s source of inspiration etc.) that its discussion hints at has only been growing as a trend. One isn’t ‘it’ without talking about it! Anyway, I am more of a tea person (largely because of its affordability)and do understand the magic that a steaming cup of coffee can be. At the same time, I do enjoy reading the things you write! And yes, a range of tastes, attitudes and degrees of appreciation can and do exist in one’s mind simultaneously! Cheers! (Sorry, I don’t know if I make sense….Do send this comment in the trash folder if its worth it, I would perfectly understand that!) 🙂 🙂

    • Ah, the infamous yet madly aped westernized lifestyle – I can see where you’re coming from PC. 😀
      I have never been a tea person though everyone else in the family drinks only tea. My Mum makes some amazing coffee…and I fell in love with the beverage early in life. I continued falling deeper in love with coffee during my PG days when it would be the one thing that could help me face the day. These days, I try and limit coffee intake to weekends, when I can, like I said, actually treasure the aroma without feeling like a caffeine addict who consumes coffee to feel awake.
      Oh, you absolutely made sense. 😀 I love a discussion on various aspects of coffee any day. 😀

  11. I have to have a ‘mugga’ full to just feel alive, every dawn. Addiction or love or obsession or whatever – I shall have my coffee and drink it too.
    Lovely nugget that smelled delicious, Deboshree.

  12. I love coffeeeee..
    Debs if we keep listening to all this about how coffee is bad, or sugar is bad, or something else is bad .. I doubt if there will be anything that we will be able to eat or drink..

    Excess of anything is bad .. simple rule I follow.. SO I eat drink what I want to when i want to 🙂

    PEople lived healthier in the days when none of these studies were available 🙂

    • Absolutely Bikram. Chuck all those interfering, too-wise-for-themselves know-it-alls. 😀
      Your rule is the best in most circumstances. I go by that as well. 😉

      Also agree on how people lived healthier lives once upon a time…

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