In Love With Sunlight


I am in love with sunlight. Sunlight, streaming in from the window and filling my home with brilliance. Lighting up my living space, delighting the flowers on the mantelpiece. Making the birds and the trees happy and convincing them that no matter how cold this winter is, there’s something that will warm them and help them plod along.

It is in absence that we realize how important something is – silly human habit to take things for granted. There was a time when my terrace at home would be flooded with sunlight and mom and I would sit on mattresses made of bamboo. We would nibble at oranges and feel the sun on our skin, all traces of cold and sorrow washed away in the golden light.

They say a lack of daylight can make you feel sad. Seasonal depression may set in and for what may be the first time, your body’s lack of Vitamin D will strike you as a real, tangible problem. This is why it helps to keep your home well-lit and venture out for walks whenever possible. In the absence of natural sunshine, it helps to invest in a comforting, bright, floor-light, a streamer or two of fairy lights. It also helps to warm your fingers around a cup of steaming hot coffee and lose yourself in tales about green valleys where the sun unfailingly rises every morning.

When I woke up yesterday, our home was flooded with the beautiful sun. It steadily grew in strength from a mere trickle of sunshine to a full-blown promise of a beautiful day. And a beautiful day it was. R and I took a long, winding stroll, halting here and there to relish the sunshine, letting the warmth seep in, and reassuring ourselves that this would compensate for at least half a dozen gloomy days of grey.

But here’s the best part: this morning was sunny again. And though I admit I kept shifting places through the day, trying to occupy the sunniest spot of the moment, it was well worth it. My reserves of Vitamin D are up, and so are my spirits.


10 thoughts on “In Love With Sunlight

  1. Where have you been!? (I asked you first before you can ask me, even though that probably is more justified).
    Sunlight – i love the early morning and evening rays. Anytime between that, I just absolutely dislike it 😀 More so because I get tanned in less than 5 mins of sun on me and then my skin peels off and make me look absolutely horrible 😀
    Love the pic!

    • Oh my God! Where have you been? 😛 SO good to hear from you!
      Haha, I know what you mean – I also have particularly tan-prone skin and look like a different person altogether after a trip to, say, Goa. 😛

      Hope to see you around more often. Thanks so much for dropping by! ❤

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