For My Partner-in-Crime

She has always been good with organizing. The pencil-set and candy packages were neat. Off they went to the singing kids the next morning. The “Happy- birthday-to-you!” gang.

“Why do we give away these lovely things, Mom?”

“So we can spread smiles on your special day!”

Mom and I would colour animal pictures for my school-project. “What colour is a horse’s tail, Mom?” “Remember you rode one in Mussoorie?” “But there were so many.” “And so can there be colours for the tail!” Mom taught me to colour pencil-drawings. In effect, she coloured much more. She would put me to sleep with a “nanhi kali sone chali” and wake me with the sun.

“Why do we need to get up early, Mom?” “Because the school bus rises early too, baby.” Dad laughed. “That’s not it, Daddy.” Mom grinned. “We don’t want to miss the bluebird that comes visiting the garden. She is never late.” I listened to the rustling leaves, the whispering winds and the calling birds. The screeching on the road was a moot-point.

With time, Mom and I have learnt that together, nothing is a pain. We smirk at the neighbour who thinks she is the cat’s whiskers. We also get mithaai for the one who waves from under an umbrella. Sometimes, we chat for long nights, sipping coffee and ignoring Dad’s go-to-sleep. “What is so interesting?!” “Girl-talk. We can’t tell you.” He rolls his eyes; we giggle.

With Mom, I learn that it is alright to worry sometimes. What is important is getting on with life. Living without regrets and tucking into bed with a clear conscience. Together, we are capable of being high-school girls obsessing over the latest television-heartthrob. We are also confident women who have the courage to face the world.

Well, my world began with Mom. She continues to be right there at the centre. She is the one who loves me on my worst-hair day, in my worst mood and even when I have been really, really bad. I owe you one, Mom.

Happy Mother's Day

* a part of “Memories, Conversations and Incidents with my Mom” on Blogadda. Picture Courtesy:


38 thoughts on “For My Partner-in-Crime

  1. Mothers are awesome the only worry is whether my kids would tell the same or not..I don’t have much hopes though ;(

    I couldn’t be with my Mom for the mother’s day and I am kinda sad about it..

    ahem ahem..and I know for whom the shopping was done on mother’s day 😛

    • Oh they surely will, Bhavia! If there are any issues, just send them to Deboshree masi and she will assure them! 😛
      Oh… never mind. Every day is a mother’s day, as they say. 🙂
      Oh come on. You are allowed to do a little shopping for yourself!

      3 sentences with an oh. Some feat that! 😛

  2. I do this nanhikali to Chirpy daily too 🙂 you don’t know Deb, I’m so waiting for this ‘girl-talk’ to happen between me and C too 🙂 aren’t daughters the best? 🙂

    and daughters are best cause mommies are the bestest 😀


    • Aww, nanhikali is popular! 😀
      Daughters are totally the best! I am totally looking forward to when I will have one of my own. 🙂
      Ha ha… mommies are the best-est. There can be no argument there.

  3. Wow :D. Just loved this post :).
    My mom and I are the same :D.
    We just love to be together and chit-chat and gossip 😛 :D.
    And then shoo off my bro and dad :D.
    Now my bhabhi also joined our group 😀 and when anyone asks us we say “GIRL TALK” 😀 :D.
    Its so fun 😉 :D.

    They say its Mom-Son and Father-Daughter but who said it cant be Mom-Daughter? 😀 We both are here to prove them wrong na? 😉 :D.

    This is such a cute post 😀 :*
    Loved it :).

    • Hey, Princess! Welcome to Saddi Delhi. 😀
      Your Mom and you sound adorable! It is great that you have an addition to the girl-gang. Plenty to wreak havoc on the male populace. 😀
      Of course, Mom-Daughters are the best. I am ready to vouch for that.

      Delighted you liked it, P. Hope to see you around more often. 🙂

    • Thanks a lot, Nuttie! 😀 Mom-Daughter relationships are indeed very special… what would we do without our Moms? 🙂
      The bluebird was a beauty. I still distinctly remember her… she doesn’t come along now though.

  4. I sometimes feel mother-daughter relationships are quite under-rated (as compared to mother-son and father-daughter relationships).
    Only those who have truly experienced its depth realize its true value…. 🙂

    • You may be right, Ashwathy. We often talk about other relationships and take this very beautiful one for granted. Moms can be best friends, the person to call at 3 AM, the pain killers… so, so much. 🙂

  5. This is very beautiful Debo. I had your kind of mom too, a mother as well as a best friend. I missed her everyday. Do treasure every minute you spend with your mom because it is priceless 🙂

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