The Sunny Side of Life, with Lakme

The Beach

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Last time I heard from Kyra, she was shopping in a sweltering Chennai. Haggling over a pair of glitter earrings. “How much is he asking for anyway? Ten bucks?” “Ha, that’s the point. He is asking for fifteen!”

I sighed. Kyra and her sun-philia. It had given me many queer afternoons in the sun. Shopkeepers stared at us like we were out of our minds and a few were even insolent enough to make personal remarks. You know, stuff like –“what girl roams around haggling in the sun?”. Never mind how insulting that was to the target audience of their ‘junk’ jewellery. I would look guiltily at my skin and it would turn browner under my gaze. Kyra would roll her eyes and tug at my arm. With her shower-fresh, manicured hands.

She has always been struck by wanderlust, Kyra has. The type who doesn’t think twice before packing her bags for the beach in the middle of May. “Are you insane?” I would scream when she would start packing mine as well. “So are you now!” she would wink. We would splash around to our heart’s content (politeness-content in my case) before I would retire to a seaside shack, hat firmly on. When stars lit up the water, a still shower-fresh Kyra would slip on one of her glittery summer dresses. In whites, yellows and pinks. I would have to make do with a dapper brown. Little choice I would have considering my nose would invariably decide to start peeling from then on. So much for the sun protection I had spent laborious minutes over in the morning.

When we were in school, Kyra would buy me an ice lolly every day. I would buy her a chilled lemonade. Recharged after our thanda break, she would drag me to the volleyball court. I, of course, was the old ham-hand. The ball would slip past me like the wind that rustles and I would be busy brushing off sweat. “You know I am bad at this.” I would shout at her later. “All you are bad at is falling in love with summer.” She would run to keep the ball in its closet before we walked back to class.

Come to think of it today, I always had this ‘Grunt’ reserved for summer. On the lines of – yuck! I would scowl at him and he would scowl at me. We wouldn’t gel. In return for my apathy, he would make sure he burnt my skin the darkest shade of brown. No amount of rose-water-splashing and dressing-up-as-a-white-ghost-in-a-face-mask could then rescue me. But naturally, I harboured intense dislike for anything that read “sunscreen”. I would clutch tighter at my purse.

The phone rang early this morning. Just as I had pulled up my hair as high as possible.


There was no mistaking the glitter. My face lit up as Kyra announced she was coming over the following week! I am yet to be apprised of the plan but from what I can sense, it involves a lot of bike-riding, lemonade-sipping and hip-shaking. All with a shimmering blue sea in the glorious backdrop.

Kyra is insane. No matter how she denies it. But in her insanity, lies fun. And frolic. And life. I winked at my reflection in the mirror and capped my sun-shade-charm. There I was, shower-fresh and grunt-less. I smiled at the sun streaming in from the window. I am now freed of grunts, you see.

For just like Kyra, I too am now a Lakme Sun Expert girl!

Lakme Sun Expert Range

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*written as a part of the “Lakme Diva Blogger Contest” on Indiblogger. To read more about Kyra’s escapades in the sun and shine, go here. 


34 thoughts on “The Sunny Side of Life, with Lakme

    • That she sure is, Rituparna! Thanks a lot… this comment of yours is so uplifting, in a wonderful way. I will certainly live life to the fullest. You do too. 🙂

  1. I prefer pleasant weather!! The summer heat and sun is not for me!
    But, I do prefer Lakme products anyday! 😀

    • Pleasant weather is awesome, Pixie! Makes life so much better.
      But yes, Lakme does a good job with their range. It is worth being a loyalist of. 🙂

  2. I hate summers. It’s in my genes. Winters are great. You can bury me in truckloads of snow and I won’t complaint. 🙂
    Anyways, all the best for the competition.

    • I adore winters too! They are magical, what with their mists and romance and Christmas lights.
      But Lakme seems all set to beat the heat. As long as I get Lakme-fied, I am not complaining. 😛

      Thanks a lot for dropping by, Amit. 🙂

  3. Ah! Summers are too hot for me. I worry a lot about tanning!! 😦 *haven’t tried Lakme though*

    I would rather prefer winter. Good post, Debo! 🙂

    • Tanning is one of my enemies too. 😦 I hate the associated peeling that I get. Especially on the nose.
      Lakme is worth a shot if you are looking for sunscreen.

      Thank you, Lavender! 😀

  4. Loved the article you spun around the contest’s theme 🙂

    Sun tanning has never bothered me though excessive sweating does 😦 I too love spending summers planning of vacations to hill stations and with chilled drinks 😀

    Good luck for the contest 🙂

    • Thanks a lot ME. Anything for Lakme! 😛
      Yes, the sweating can get really vexing. Nothing like a vacation to a hill resort when the mercury hits an all-time high! 😀

  5. summer gal !!! I love her 🙂 I love summers too .. more than winters to much amazement of ym best friends. I do not mind roaming out in sun (like i do amost daily) no matter how hot it gets .. sunscreens ?? have to search one soon i think .. the tanning is getting bad i realized !

    • Wow, you seem to be like Kyra, Nimue. 😛
      I am a winter girl. I manage to get past summer by consuming chilled drinks, dreaming about the hills and gorging on mangoes. You should give me some tips.
      Yes, even I get tanned very easily. You should just see me after I get back from the beach. 😛 (Thanks to the product I just endorsed, life promises shade!)

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