Shouts from the “last century”…

Little Girl

There is a little girl I know who cannot stand pigtails. She likes to have her long hair in flowing cascades and adorns it with blue hairclips for the blue denims, green ones for the green shorts. “It is high time you learnt some colour coordination too, Mummy.” She goes about telling that to her Mom, who repeats it to us in awed tones. Apparently, Mummy has also been told to stay away from sindoor and mangalsutra, for they are so “last-century”. Really? Then why do I see mangalsutra designs adorning every pamphlet I get with my morning newspaper?

The little girl gets into a nervous fit every time her pink laptop hangs up on her. “The thing is dead. I am tired of telling Pa to get me a new one.” But, didn’t the pink wonder arrive all of last month, I mutter under my breath. If said aloud, she would probably counter me and say – “But, didn’t you go to the parlour last month?” And you see, the problem is that I can’t remember.

“She got 768 likes for a new status update on Facebook. We are throwing a celebration.” her Mom came with an invite. A verbal one, thankfully. “Kids, you know. You have to do as they say.” And what was this supremely popular status update all about? “Oh it said something about boys being bratty…I don’t know the meatier details, really.” she winked. Of course. The little one had to be the expert on boys, given all the experience of her night outs and slumber parties and sleepovers. Nothing like a pack of giggling little girls to pass judgment on every bratty boy in school. Or the neighbourhood.

“When I was in school…” I begin, but am cut short. “Oh, you guys were simpletons. Whining about E.V.S. and getting all sweaty in P.T. My little one can’t stand anything ruining her fruit facial.” Guess she had heard about my parlour apprehensions as well.

To continue with what I was saying, when I was in school, we did not have i-phones/i-pods/i-pads. We only had i-mli waali candies. But if I had to choose even today, I would continue to choose a sweaty game of hide and seek in a summer park and a weekend spent feasting on the jalebis that Dad brought home.

Call me names. But few things irritate me more than a child who isn’t one. I personally find no reason to shower certain gadgets on a child who has absolutely no use for them. Doesn’t everything have a right time? Or was that in the last century as well? Shouldn’t there be a limit, a measure to this over-hyped thing they call ‘independence’? The little one and her Mom stare at my scowling face. “Anything the matter?” I feel like sticking out my tongue at them. Then I see the young lady inserting heart after heart in a text message. Silencing my un-lady-like instincts, I purse up my lips.

End note: If anyone has extra gadgets (read: phone, camera, laptop) and after this post, is hesitant about gifting it to their kids, feel free to check out the ‘Write to Me’ feature at the top of this page. 😀


24 thoughts on “Shouts from the “last century”…

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  3. I so agree with you D. Parents pamper there kids way too much. I have 2 nieces all of 4.5 & 1.8 years and they have an opinion on everything and don’t like to hear no for an answer.

    • Oh yes, the no-no syndrome. Kids today take all the liberty to say no to anything they don’t approve of. But they will not take no for an answer to any of their whims. Okay, perhaps we are being too harsh.This does not speak for all kids, nor does it speak for all parents. This is just a ‘trend’ that is turning into an epidemic and that is scary.

  4. This is really sad. Facebook and gadgets have effected a wholly new culture. Kids today are ‘smart’ and sophisticated. Simplicity is no longer a simple virtue.

    • Indeed Bhagya.Sometimes things get so vexing that we think of drastic measures. Innocence is dormant, asleep. I smile like an idiot when I see kids playing in the park nowadays.

  5. You won’t believe Debo..I get pings and messages in my FB saying “Please like my new profile pic.” or “Kindly like my status,two more likes to hit the century”.The interesting and irritating matter is this category of friends are of age group below 20 years and I feel terrible when I see such messages.

    In office,I can see people proudly declaring how much their kids are addicted to apple products,posh cinema halls and expensive goodies.Phew!!

    • I can understand Bhavia… this obsession with numbers on Facebook isn’t as trivial an issue as is made out. I know kids who willingly give up park sessions and meeting-the-cousins for insane number of hours on Facebook. It is almost an epidemic.

      Going to read your post now… 😀

    • A wonderful ‘last century’ indeed! I hope that kids wake up to the goodness of the bygone century before they realize they are too grown up.
      Thanks a lot for dropping by Hariharan… delighted you enjoyed reading the post. 😀

  6. Eeks ! I think I must have lived a century before you, Deboshree. I did not have EVS but had something vague called Community Living.

    BUT I love gadgets. So does that make me this century? But I use mine to death before I get a new one. So does that make me not so happening? Also, I have deactivated my FB account. So that practically makes me obsolete. Help ! I’m confused.

    PS.: Can I send an e-spank to that girl who does not like pigtails? And some more to her mother?

    • Oops! You are – what do they say – antique! 😛

      Gosh, using a gadget over and over? Are you for real? 😛
      But seriously Sudha, sometimes I do not understand the Facebook craze. I feel like sitting kids down and telling them that there is a world outside that computer.

      E-spanks sound great. 😀 But they will probably use their e-mask of arrogance and dodge it. 😦

  7. If i could write half as good as u … i would b blessed .. but i would agree to most of the things u said here .. and i so like that i still live in the last century .. Simple living was and always be the best for any one .. 🙂

    • Coming from someone like you, who paints such strong mental images, this is indeed a huge compliment. Thank you Nimue. 😀
      Exactly. Even I am glad about it. Nothing defeats the simple joys of life. 🙂

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