Time for some tagging!

Few things allure me as much as a good old award. My eyes shine and my ears wag. Even if it is a blogging tag that some noble soul dropped at my door. I love those noble souls. So coming to the point, I am setting about on a little tagging business. Some acknowledgment, some tagging of my own and a glorious amount of gloating.

To set the mood, I will start with the gloating. 😀

Saddi Delhi gets the “Liebster Blog Award”


Zee, thank you very much for this really cute award. Though you did not hand out the adorable badge (that goes with the award) to me, I have stolen it from your blog anyway. An award coming from the fantastic writer that you are is twice the gloating.

Saddi Delhi gets three “Versatile Blogger Award(s)”, a “Candle Lighter Award” and “Christmas Blogger Award”

versatilebloggerawardcandle-lighter-awardChristmas Blogging Award

Usha di, I always maintain that you should start mentoring people on a professional basis. 😀 Right from the days I used to post poems on our little poetry community to the current blogging scene, you ensure I get my occasional smile. Wait, make that beaming smile.

Deeps and Bikram have also given me the “Versatile Blogger Award”. Again, a pleasure to get this award from them, given that their opinionated and well-fleshed out posts are ones I am hooked to reading.

The responsibilities that most of these awards entail include nominating bloggers who, in my opinion, deserve their round of Filmfare speeches. And oh, a peculiar clause of sharing 7 things about myself. So, allowing myself a little cheating now and again, here goes:

7 Deboshree facts:

1. I have been known to eat wafers for breakfast. I drink it down with orange juice and tell the world I eat a healthy diet. I love it if and when the weighing scale agrees with me.

2. I am one of the sadists who enjoy 2012 theories. It’s a task persuading R to concur and give in to let’s-get-married ideas.

3. My fingers get frostbitten every winter. I have no clue why considering I have lived most of my life so far in Delhi and it doesn’t get all that cold. No gloves, creams or heat pads seem to give me respite. Was I an Antartican in a previous birth? – wonders Mom.

4. In a recent post, Tanishka expressed her dislike of love stories. On my part, I love listening to them! I am game for a best practices sharing session with an old girl friend from school, one who just got married or a roomie who’s facing family feud over the matter. All ears.

5. I am dying to book a certain travel ticket. Train or plane or whatever. I am just dying to do it!

6. I haven’t read a book from cover to cover since The Best of Quest. I am still stuck in the middle of Golden Gate and another called Brand Bollywood. My reading time has been seriously impacted by all that is presently going on in life.

7. Overcast mornings give me a splitting headache. More often than not. But I love it when it rains at night and I can hear the raindrops.

The 7 Awardees:

1. WriterzBlock/Pal blogs from WriterzBlock
She writes on subjects as diverse as night and day. They are all done up vibrantly, in shades of humour and insight. Some fantastic reading.

2. Nimue blogs from Pages from my mind
Lady N: Poetic Delight
Her poems: Vivid, soulful and crisp

3. Scribby blogs from This and That
I have only one word for her writing: Entertaining! Now that may sound like I have recently watched rushes of The Dirty Picture (they have actors calling the film “entertainment” everywhere I look), but trust me on this. This blogger really knows how to get her point across and brilliantly at that.

4. Kartikay blogs from Callous Caffeinated Conversations
Like the name, the blog is caffeinated too. In the absorbing, riveting way. And no, it certainly ain’t callous. 😀

5. Bhavia blogs from Je Suis Blogging
She has one hell of an eventful life. Laced with falls and bruises. This place captures all the madness in a total fun style. Joyride!

6. Novroz blogs from Kame and Kroten Blog
Animal lover that Novroz is, her blog is a delight for all of her kind. Her two pet darlings – beautiful turtles – host it themselves. So the next time you need a fact straightened, you can hear it from the turtle’s mouth!

7. Sudha blogs from My Favourite Things
She clicks stunning pictures, writes equally stunning travelogues and even does in-depth book reviews. This blog may claim to be about her favourite things, but she may need to rethink that one.

By the by, there are umpteen other blogs I wanted to write about. But with several constraints – the need to help with lunch no small one – I zeroed down on the above on a first come, first serve basis. 😀

43 thoughts on “Time for some tagging!

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  3. I’m speechless Deb 🙂 Look at the description of m blog,YAY though I’m not sure about it but coming from you,I take it 🙂 thank you so very much girl 🙂

    and congratulations to you for these lovely awards 🙂 You deserve them truly!

  4. Vow.. by a qeer twist I happenend to be here while i was looking for something interesting on Pune. The whole blog is interesting .. to say the least. your writing deserves every accolade that has come its way.
    That you care to reply almost every comment shows the “Jupitor Influence” a caring attitude … good going keeeep it up..
    by the way are u still in pune ?

    • Hello Prafull…a warm welcome to Saddi Delhi. I am delighted you liked what you found here – Pune is interesting per se. 🙂
      I like the Jupiter influence. 🙂 On a serious note, I value every comment that comes my way and every comment has something that helps me improve my work.
      No, I am currently in Delhi but cannot be sure of the near future.
      Thanks a lot for dropping by! Hope to see you around.

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  6. Congrats, Debo! So many awards? Maybe I could help you with some. 😀 Write about The Golden Gate once you finish it. And finish it soon. 😀

  7. Congrats Debo..Followed from Bhavia..This is my first time here,and i just realised i had missed this spice of life till now..Will definitley be back for more,…and congrats on all those awards

  8. I never knew I could be good enough to make people gloat. But since you say so, I think i must be. :p Anyways, quite an interesting read this post is, especially the seven things about you. And among them I so closely and definitely identify with the raindrop music at night. Great!!

    • Ha ha… yes your writing certainly is. 😀
      Good to know of another one who enjoys raindrop music at night. Most of my family finds it hard to get to sleep like that and my cats sure detest it.

  9. Dear, dear Deboshree, thank you so much for the honour and the award. I feel so humbled.

    Now that the formal, ahem 😉 thank you is over, thank you, thank you so much 🙂

    Congratulations on your awards and may you receive many more. And no, the world is not going to end in 2012 !

    • Dear dear Sudha, I will go with a mix of formal and informal acknowledgment: the pleasure is all mine! 😀
      Much as I loved your best wishes and smiles and yes, the optimistic note about 2012, I have a pang somewhere. Sometimes time seems to be at a standstill.

  10. Dear Deboshree 🙂
    Make that a big smile, that I take away from here 🙂 🙂 🙂 Many, in fact!
    Thank you for the wonderful words you’ve used in your description. I wonder thoug :P!
    Glad to know you, too, virtually, and to be able to share in your blog! So, thank YOU 🙂

    • Nothing to wonder about Usha di… Like Alice in Wonderland, I mean what I say and say what I mean. 😉
      It’s a delight having a mini role to play in the blogosphere. Makes life so much better.

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  12. yipppeeee… naye award !!!!
    badhiyaa hai .. 😀 😀

    And you passed one to em too !
    *blush* !

    Now i really need to make a new post !
    Soon i hope .. verrryyyy soon !

    thankuuuuu ❤

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