Ganpati Bappa Mourya !

He sits sublime, away from the grime, up there so prime… and smiles,
The streamers gleam – in a glittery beam, the laddoos teem, in huge piles.

Decked up and bold, in red and gold, with beauty untold, he winks.
In poetic quiet, amidst divine light – so pretty a sight ! he thinks.

Little riding hood in red, a silent prayer she said, stand me in good stead – oh Lord.
Old man and wife enfolded stand, on us place a loving hand, wave about your magic wand – dear God.

Grins wide the healer of woes, dissolves their melancholic throes, on his back their troubles he tows.
Forgotten are all sins, with childlike innocence he grins, nodding amiably as a little boy bows.

My holiday spans a good ten days, you better mend your  wayward ways – and do as the good God says, he scolds.
At you I’ll glance, at every sudden chance, from the trim lanes of the durva and the arka’s minuscule folds.

Here’s wishing everyone a divine and fulfilling Ganesh-otsav. Ganpati Bappa Morya !!

2 thoughts on “Ganpati Bappa Mourya !

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