Hiding In The Hills Of Mussoorie


It was a cold morning. Jackets, socks, caps and gloves kind of cold. The clouds lined the sky unforgivingly. Even the monkeys were unusually quiet, the regular spring missing from their step. Just then, the sun trickled in through the dense foliage. Only a minute and the world was different. Up and away in Dhanaulti, around 30kms from Mussoorie, the sombre, wintry day transformed into a February paradise.

There is something magical about the hills – in the way the sun rises over the green valleys, the nippy air that makes your cheeks rosy and red, and the sleepy silence that descends on the town around the time you usually wrap up a regular office day!

This off-season hideaway in the hills worked perfectly for a certain couple from Pune, celebrating their first marriage anniversary. Last I heard, the two of them devoured one boiled egg after another, stocked up on chicken tikkas, warmed their hands by the fire, bought books autographed by Ruskin Bond, conversed with the horses, and blew mist from their mouths into the valleys of Dehradun below.

This Monday afternoon at my desk, I am pretending the view from my window is really just a facade. It will crack anytime, and underneath, there will be a secret passageway leading straight to the Queen of Hills.

*             *             *

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30 thoughts on “Hiding In The Hills Of Mussoorie

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  3. Yeah indeed there is something about the hills…I was born and brought up in Dehradun and have visited Mussorie umpteen times. Never grew bored of it! I love hills any day:-) Belated wishes on your anniversary. God bess

    • Warm welcome here, Shilpi. 🙂
      Wow, there’s a Mussoorie girl! One of my very good friends is also a Mussoorie girl and keeps raving about the place. I couldn’t agree more though.
      Thanks a lot for the wishes. Hope to see you around more often.

  4. here’s wishing that CERTAIN couple a Happy anniversary and many many more trips to the hill side .. Next time I am in india you guys need to plan to visit shimla and on way stop at chandigarh.. 🙂 what say

    lots of tikkas to eat

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