Going Hic** in a Drunk World

*Disclaimer: The bitterness of the post below is directed to a section of drinkers who think they are cooler than thou courtesy their expertise and experience in the drinking department. Though it may seem like a non drinker casting aspersions on drinkers in general, the intention is not to offend anyone’s personal habits. Still, any offence may please be forgiven.*

Beer Mug

*picture from http://www.clker.com

What’s a little swig of beer? Or vodka, if you please? It’s just a bitter concoction with chemical powers hidden in the recesses. These powers are best put to use when you need to unwind, to forget misery or merely, to be the coolest in your group of cool people.

So, do only cool people drink?

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A Gaali in every Gully

Blogadda's Tangy Tuesday


*picture from myindiapictures.com

How hard can it be to speak clean?

Abuse is the new endearment. “Oh dear ***, I so *** missed you.” “Ditto, my dear ***.” Doesn’t it get taxing? I mean, perennially looking for new things to fill those asterisks up?

I met a host of school kids last evening. Sleeves rolled up, socks rolled down, the works. Ah, the going-back-home feeling, I smiled. One of the boys and he was no older than 12 then began: “Wasn’t it fun how I threw the football at that ***’s face?” “Oh we loved his *** when that happened!” They kicked a stone to exemplify how *** the experience had been. I gawked and then realized how I didn’t even know the meanings for some of the things they just said.

It is no wonder where gaalis grow.

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