Mission Early-To-Rise Kicks Off With Visit to Chaturshringi

Having fallen into the rut of office life, my mornings here in Pune have long been progressively delaying their start time. Mostly it’s a late night (and occasionally the it’s-a-weekend-after-all excuse) to be blamed, but the outcome boils down to how I can no longer boast of getting up at five and being done with my toilette before anyone else can rise.

I owe it to my colleague Pankaj for bringing me to analysis point. Like the perfect athlete, he is up by six and done with a good round of exercise before coming to office. Now I am not really big about the exercise issue (a long, brisk walk in the evenings is my current regime) but I have several interesting ideas for pre-office morning time and no, spending more time on choosing an outfit doesn’t top the list. (I would be lie-ing if I said it doesn’t feature) Anyway the point is that I have started with the rectification today onwards and hope to pursue it well. Thank you Pankaj!

So here was how Day 1 went:

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