I woke up early this morning and sat upright in bed. I had woken with a start and felt extremely tired. Surely, it couldn’t be morning already! No light crept in from my ajar bedroom window; my phone lay silent. But it had to be morning for outside, about a dozen birdies chirped for all they were worth. In fact, they presented quite a rousing orchestra, punctuated by some shrill screeches and a few out-of-tune notes. I love birdsong, but just then, I wanted them to shut up and let me catch a few more minutes of sleep.

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When Timmy went to Shimla


A narrow gauge train is cool stuff. I have travelled with the Bhattacharjee family often enough to know a good trip from the rest. But every time I have been en-route Shimla on the cute little toy train, I have been charmed. This time lived up to tradition. As I sat gazing outside, my wooden nose scraping the window, I saw the hills change colour. From dark brown to mustard yellow to a shade of green D calls jade. Notwithstanding the ruckus that a particularly overactive family in the coach created, my heart sprung with joy.

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