It so happens one rainy evening…

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Rain in Pune

“Easily the best place to stare at well-chiselled bodies, peeking out from under tight clothing.” “Precisely why I am joining.” Prakhar winked at Sid, tucking his tummy in. “In a few weeks,” he ticked his fingers, “I will also be one of those people possessing a chiselled body.” “I am sure.” Sid nodded, sipping his high-calorie, extra sweet tea.

The housekeeping people at ICC – International Convention Centre and Pune’s multi-office complex in Senapati Bapat Road – always served extra sweet tea. In fact, you could sometimes see sugar particles line your lips after a cup was done. Made one wonder it did, if they had a secret pact with the management at Abs Gym. If all the employees in all the offices that ICC housed could be fed the sugar syrup every day, twice a day, a significant percentage would soon feel the need for exercising. And what could be more convenient than the little place on the top floor, standing in all its glory at terrace level, ICC?

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