The Enemy We Don’t See


I don’t think the biggest roadblock between us and happiness is stress. Or emotional turmoil. Or even too much work. I think it is simpler and more dangerous than that.

I met a man the other day who started a conversation on this note: “Today is a big day for me. I have crossed 5000 friends on Facebook. Isn’t that cool?” Super cool, I nodded. I felt like setting him a memory test that would need names to be matched to faces. But I refrained. I knew he would fail.

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7 Mad Things People Do in Modern Society

*Disclaimer: The post is based on my definition of “mad”. That does not implicate/exonerate either of us of the ever dynamic madness of being.

Eat melons all day


The variety of diets doing the rounds exceeds the variety of insects in the world, by a few thousand. GM, Detox, Vegan, Puritanic, Liquid, and Omnivorous. (That last one is mine.) Some people attain nirvana by consuming melons all day, whenever they feel hungry. And you thought Candy Crush was getting passé.

Wear clothes torn at random places

Shush, jeans torn at the legs is old news. The new wardrobes have clothes with slits/holes/large tears around the chest, the belly button, the upper back – errmm, this is getting a bit anatomical. But as long as people feel smart and chic, the retailers are smiling to the bank.

Carry five phones, two tablets and a laptop

There are separate phones for work, home, parents, boyfriend, best friend, boyfriend, pet. How some people must be wishing they had hands as large and skilled at gripping as their primate ancestors!

Get into part-time and transit-camp relationships


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No time is worth wasting away in sorrow, longing and how-I-wish-you-were-here laments. While still young and capable, some people make the most of the places they live in. Makes it easier to remember places by. That is the city I had the three-month-affair with the tall guy! There is the shack we had a one-night-stand in. Smooth.

Think being deaf equals being important

You will find these people at your workplace. You may call, wave, shout at them – and it’s evident they have heard you – but you will be ignored. They will be too tied up with an e-mail (read: Solitaire), their phone (read: WhatsApp) or their desk (read: snacking). The power of being deaf makes them feel well, powerful.

Believe honking will mysteriously clear up the road

When lane shifting, name calling, window rolling and unrolling fail to clear up a traffic jam, some think honking will do the trick. They never learn from past experience, they never do.

Give up on life because society says so

Society is this indomitable creature, ever inventing new criticism for everything you do. Though Society of this kind hardly ever lands up to help you in sorrow, some people believe giving in to its unreasonable demands will quieten its barking. They pick a job they hate, break up with the one they love, settle in a city they detest, wear clothes that bite, and are reborn grumpy about missing the time of death that society had set out. Not exactly modern, I daresay.

Once Upon an Evening


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On evenings like these, her mind often scuttles down old memory lanes. Back in school, she would spend such evenings lost in homework – yes, the teachers would always set out loads, even in those days. When she lived away in the hostel, working towards her Masters, the evenings would silently transform into night, unknown to her. Many an evening had disappeared even later when she, stuffed in her cubicle at work, remained lost in her computer screen. When she finally emerged under the open sky, the stars would be too distant, too unfriendly to talk to.

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