Hey Darling!

Devil horns

… public me sansani ek baar karne do*. (allow me a public sensation this once) *Mad Post Alert*

With all honesty and truthfulness, Yours Truly – dear readers – doesn’t feature in the matter today. I am talking of interesting women you see, but I am not a part of the list. (I will cover me some other time – ‘Modern Day Angels’ or something the piece will be called)

So anyway, if you thought Pune is no Delhi – don’t tell me you haven’t heard that silly bit about Delhi’s three whimsical beings: the winter, the electricity (or the lack of it) and the women – you might just be mistaken.

It so happens in Pune…

On a casual stroll out, for example, you might come across the ‘we are agnostic’ ladies who go about giving opinions on all and sundry. Sample some:

“That place is so drab. ” (what is it called again?)

“The dress pisses me off.(I needed to use that phrase you see)
“Oh did you catch – *insert never heard of movie here*?” (How could you ever tell I dozed off watching Sex and the City last night?)

Then there’s the more lethal variety, a conversation with whom can be a serious morale shock if you aren’t careful.

You talk of a popular sitcom. Tick Mark
You talk of something you cooked. Tick Mark
You talk of the Indus Valley Civilization. Tick Mark
You talk of the essence of Shakespeare’s 18th sonnet. Tick Mark

Point being, there isn’t one subject you can find which they’ll not laugh or comment about. And all with a patronizing air that has you panting for room.

[ “Darling, chhodo zara, sharmane ka, yeh qaayda…” (Have you ever seen me shy away from a subject darling?) ]

There’s a vast wardrobe showcase on display too, in case you were wondering. On an ideal day, you’ll find tank tops and frills, ethnic wear and a sporty tee – in diverse colours and forms. You can even catch the occasional whimper from  Miss Little Pink Shorts.

“It’s cold today.”

Let me tell you about The Seducers. They come in all shapes and sizes and are after anything starting with your wallet to your job to, if you’re more durable, your surname. And if you happen to be female, they might be after your better half.

“What’s the fun in a single boyfriend? You need at least a handful.”

Fooling men, they say, is elementary and once the diamonds and silks run out, there’s always a fresh piece to unpack.

So many darlings women, such little time – my guy friends crib.  The Darlings may just get the following answer:

“Darling, sorry tujhe, Sunday ke din, zehmat hui…” (I apologize for the troubles you had to partake in this Sunday)

… mujhko bhi Wednesday ko bakwaas karne do. Darling!
(Lend me my permit for nonsense this Wednesday) 😀

*Darling: A song from Vishal Bhardwaj’s “7 Khoon Maaf”