When P&P became an Ambassador…

What comes to mind when you think Brand Ambassador?

Ladies in colourful gowns and diamond jewellery, gracefully addressing a press conference.
Television campaigns with the chosen one endorsing the product.
Free trips to new places, all for a good cause.

Sheesh. It even reminds me of the good old Ambassador. The four-wheeler. My colony had a blue one which used to evoke awe when I was in Standard Two.

Anyhow, since its unlikely for me to be bestowed with the above associations in the near future, dear old Bhavia did me a favour. She actually made me the Brand Ambassador for Pune! God bless you, dear one.

Bhavia’s Blog is a delightful assortment of her stories and observations from life. This is one woman whose narratives and style can grow on you big time. Needless to say, writing a guest post for her place was an experience in and of itself. I won’t spoil the fun by revealing more about the piece here, but coming from someone who keeps pushing Paneer, Pulao and Pune down your throat, you can smell the Puneri flavour. For the taste and more, go here.

Until the next.