Thoughts of Winter

It’s official. Winter has arrived in Delhi. I declare winter to have set in when Granny brings out her warm clothes. And she has. Over the weekend, we also brought out the quilts and put them out for a sun bath in the terrace. Our youngest cat – he will experience his first winter this year – couldn’t for the life of him figure out what the warm, fuzzy things were doing sprawled all over his playground.

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Two Little Children

*UPDATE: The two twins have now been successfully separated! :)*

Conjoint Twins

It was an average morning in Tanzania. The little village of Kasumulu was slowly awakening from slumber. But for an expecting mother, the day was rife with possibilities. What could be more wondrous than bringing new life into the world? With eyes full of dreams, she went to the dispensary in the village for her delivery.

However, the dispensary directed her to the District Hospital, considering she had previously undergone a caesarean section. Little did she know the tumult that was to unfold. Painting her dreams in a cruel shade of black was life’s crooked prank. She gave birth to two little boys – conjoined at the buttocks. Her pygopagus twins were joined at the spine’s end and had a shared phallus and urinary passage. Frantically seeking help, the distraught mother journeyed for three days with her newborns to reach Mohimbili Hospital in the capital city of Dar es Salaam.

If there’s anything more frightening than seeing your child in pain, it is uncertainty about his life.

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Preparing for Christmas in Pune

XMas @ Pune Central

Amazing Christmassy Cottage @ Pune Central

Yes it snows on my blog. Thanks to WordPress for helping us get the Christmas-is-around-the-corner feel. Even more so because packed away in Pune this year, I am desperately missing any other pre-Christmas environmental symptom.

This time of the year it’s deliciously wintery in Delhi. The mornings dawn misty, the afternoons lovingly sun-baked, the evenings chilly. Perfect cuddling-around-the-bonfire material. As December draws to a close, you can almost visualize sky sledges and wavering tree lights in the night sky.  My coffee mug here at office brings me to reality. But being the Christmas person that I am, I am determined to make the most of what little even Pune has to offer in this regard.

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