Marathi Matters

Mi Marathi Shikte*. I swear. I have finally started learning the language with full gusto. In the past, there were half-baked attempts which eventually diverted into other, err, more interesting ventures. But I daresay, learning a language with a purpose can be very interesting. Now, why I am suddenly going the Marathi Mulgi way is another story…

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Preparing for Christmas in Pune

XMas @ Pune Central

Amazing Christmassy Cottage @ Pune Central

Yes it snows on my blog. Thanks to WordPress for helping us get the Christmas-is-around-the-corner feel. Even more so because packed away in Pune this year, I am desperately missing any other pre-Christmas environmental symptom.

This time of the year it’s deliciously wintery in Delhi. The mornings dawn misty, the afternoons lovingly sun-baked, the evenings chilly. Perfect cuddling-around-the-bonfire material. As December draws to a close, you can almost visualize sky sledges and wavering tree lights in the night sky.  My coffee mug here at office brings me to reality. But being the Christmas person that I am, I am determined to make the most of what little even Pune has to offer in this regard.

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