A Gaali in every Gully

Blogadda's Tangy Tuesday


*picture from myindiapictures.com

How hard can it be to speak clean?

Abuse is the new endearment. “Oh dear ***, I so *** missed you.” “Ditto, my dear ***.” Doesn’t it get taxing? I mean, perennially looking for new things to fill those asterisks up?

I met a host of school kids last evening. Sleeves rolled up, socks rolled down, the works. Ah, the going-back-home feeling, I smiled. One of the boys and he was no older than 12 then began: “Wasn’t it fun how I threw the football at that ***’s face?” “Oh we loved his *** when that happened!” They kicked a stone to exemplify how *** the experience had been. I gawked and then realized how I didn’t even know the meanings for some of the things they just said.

It is no wonder where gaalis grow.

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