The New Age Male Chauvinist


Before you put me down as another fanatical feminist, I have some concrete reasons to believe male chauvinism isn’t a thing of the past. It’s just that they now come in new packages and try hard to hide among the sheep.

There are men who expect their wives to wait interminably for that one weekend they will spend together. Life, after all, is not rushing by and she MUST understand how every weekend is meant for earning extra money, spending time with friends or worse, inviting them all home. In any case, she has had the entire week to relax when he was busy at work. Even if she has a career, her workplace couldn’t dream of being as tiring as his! These are the men who think nothing of adoring other women (we can tell when it’s “platonic”, please) and filling their home with bottle openers and corkscrews shaped like a woman’s (sexy, of course) torso. Perfect pigs!

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Little Love Lost



A big Barbie doll cake lay untouched on the decorated table. A dozen kids stared greedily; the birthday girl looked on unmoved. “How can you even think about eating my delightful dollie?” she complained, to no one in particular. “I will go put her with my blue teddy bear.” Her parents gave each other watery smiles. “It wasn’t my idea…” the man let out a whimper.

My talkative aunt looked on at the proceedings. The little girl’s Granny came and sat beside, a plateful of paneer tikkas on her lap.

“The daughter-in-law could have had better common sense. These girls, I tell you.” Granny made a face.

Aunt smiled; Granny continued on a tangent of her own.

“Right from the time they got married, I feel the girl is incompetent. She cannot even put the kid to sleep on time.” Some of the pudina chutney stained her zardosi sari. “Anyhow, I am glad the son got married before he could get started on a love marriage nonsense.”

“Oh, so this was an arranged marriage?” Aunt made the blunder of her life.

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