Lemon Girl by Jyoti Arora: Book Review

Lemon Girl

Notwithstanding the candlelit marches and party manifestos, life for a woman in India seems to be on an unceasing downward spiral. If the papers report occasional incidents of kindness and warmth, the ever so frequent reports of crime against women put much of it to dust. Taking a cue from the pitiful present, Jyoti Arora (author of “Dream’s Sake”) pens down a tale of acceptance and transformation. Primarily told through the eyes of a strong female protagonist, Lemon Girl succeeds in being immensely topical and insightful. However, it trips somewhere along the path and falls short of living up to the scope it had presented.

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“Dream’s Sake”: Book Review

Dream's Sake - Jyoti Arora

(General Fiction by “Jyoti Arora” – INR 195)

How far would you go to make your dream come true? Would you bid adieu to your most cherished relationships for the sake of one all-consuming dream? Which lane would you walk down while chasing an elusive eternity that demands all you have? In her new work of fiction – “Dream’s Sake” –  debutant author Jyoti Arora delves into several such musings of the mind.

Dream’s Sake is a page from life: the life that Aashi, Abhi, Priyam and Siddharth live, a life that has much to borrow from and much owed to the days gone past. Though in them can be spotted people we meet in the bus, at coffee shops and fancy malls of glass, they all live in the sort of turmoil that has become inseparable from our convoluted metropolis. Aashi, a romantic twenty something who comes to live in a rented house with her mother, believes in a world of happy, if myopic, endings. When her stars collide with Abhi and Priyam’s – orphaned siblings who have always lived in a world devoid of bubblegum goodness – differences are certain. What is not certain is the course their lives eventually take. Likewise Siddharth, the son of a rich business tycoon, also walks a meandering course. The permanence of his love for Priyam, it seems, is wary of the equal if not more hard-pressing love for his dead mother. And life, in dishing out episode after episode of take-your-pick doesn’t help at all.

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