What a Wonderful World!

What a wonderful world!

There are clothes on the chair, skydiving from both sides of it. They have been there for a while. Bedsheets, jeans, shirts, the works. Oh, they aren’t mine. They belong to the good people I share my room with. Personally I think, they add a lot of colour to the place. There is a bright orange towel, a grey dolphin, even a huge parrot-green laundry bag. Every time I see my own purple laundry bag, I am reminded of the tasks to be accomplished. No clothes have been washed in about a week; there are several to be laundered. The bed could do with a new pillow-cover. But anyhow, the point is: though there are thirty nine things I need to do about my den, I am beyond them now.

No, I haven’t achieved nirvana.

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Happy First Birthday, bloggie darling.

The Oxford of the East Building,
Tolled Mumbai-Pune Expressway,
Near the lush green hills,
Pune, Maharashtra.

Dear Pune,

Hope you are well this Valentine morning, did your sea city beau send across a kiss? Last time I met him, he was reeling under a dose of abysmal humidity. Maybe you could send over some of those breezes you have been stocking up like an old grandma.

Why did you ward off oranges so early this year? All we get now are dry blobs and those too are fast fading. “Season khatam madam.” said a vendor near the Chaturshringi temple when I asked as much.

Anyway darling, I am not writing to complain. I am actually very pleased with the way you are getting along in the world. The pollution part can be checked out though, but the IT wale log crowding your lanes isn’t your wrongdoing. Maybe one day we can do a Green Pune session and you could add planting a tree to your daily workout regimen.

Come to think of it, our dalliance is now more than a year old. I am reminded today of this day last year when I was watching the sun trickling in through the window and feeling decidedly hungry for ghar ka khaana. Paneer and pulao from one of your roadside restaurants came to the rescue. Ever since –  you lucky soul – you have been the muse for so many of my rhymes.

Don’t get all swelled headed and all, but I admit you are very charming. Your meandering hills and valleys, old world buildings, literature and cinema, umpteen delicious eateries – all topped up with my take on independent living in your love nest (ha, did you think you’d escape with all the credit?) – makes for one heady mixture.

Do drag your feet to the celebrations this evening. “Of Paneer, Pulao and Pune” turns one. And no, we aren’t giving out return gifts. But you can tuck into the nostalgia and chocolate flavoured déjà vu that we’ll keep in glass pitchers.

I am flying to Delhi in some time, love. While I last, thank you for making me feel at home.


Birthday cake

♥ Happy Birthday “Of Paneer, Pulao and Pune” ! 🙂

Picture Courtesy: http://www.underdogmillionaire.com