Why Celebrating Halloween Doesn’t Make Me A Bad Indian

Tangy Tuesday Picks – 3 November, 2015

Happy Halloween

I first read about Halloween in a story-book I got for my fourteenth birthday. It piqued my interest – you know, all those goodies and chocolates people have ready for you, the fun costumes you get to dress up in, and the glowing jack-o’-lantern at your doorstep. I especially loved the lantern because it gleamed so. (Erm, actually, it was the best possible use I could think for a vegetable I detest.)

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Halloween Horrors in Pune – 5 things for you to do

Wondering how to spend your Halloween Sunday? Here are some tips to make this 31st October one of the eeriest you’ve had:

1. Avenge your absurd rent-hike…Trick or Treat your Senapati Bapat Road House Owner
Now it’s the Marriott, yesterday it was Tech Mahindra’s recruitment, tomorrow it will be the Deepak tea-vendor buying himself a new cart. No reason is too trivial for Pune house owners to hike the rent. Now is the time to pay back… look your horrific best, hold a jack-o-lantern firmly in your hand and stand in the doorway with ghostly determination – you better keep the rent as is or I am going to let all the phantoms in!

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