I’m Going Back to Malory Towers

I recently discovered this captivating blog by Meenakshi, on an afternoon when some train of thought led me to a Google search for Darrell Rivers. The Head Girl of Malory Towers, my favourite boarding school of all time lovingly built by Enid Blyton. Meenakshi wrote beautifully from Gwendoline’s perspective, one of the (un)popular girls in the school, and her writing had me completely hooked.

Where have those innocent, carefree days gone when acing it in a subject, becoming School Captain, and catching your crush’s eye was the most joyful prospect of life? In our rush to grow up – or maybe we didn’t have enough choice – so many early pleasures of life have been strewn along the way, never to be reclaimed. Continue reading


The Red Bag and the new Glass Case

Mamma had bought her the bright red bag with silver chains only a week ago. She was in love with it. It held all her books and even the extra long Maths workbook expertly. She had smiled when Mala Ma’am complimented her on it.

“What a delightful bag Debby, where did you get it from?”

“My Mamma got it for me from Lajpat Nagar.” She had proudly replied.

Her bag would be spared the cruel Delhi summer for the upcoming two months. It would stay on Dada’s old dining chair, where he would include it each day in his afternoon prayers. God, bless my grandchild. Bless her studies. Keep her smiling.

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