When Delhi goes Polling


Image from “The Hindustan Times”

Delhi cast votes for the MCD today. From what I hear, last time around, the turnout was pretty bad. This morning, I woke up to people making a big noise right across the street. As I peered out the window, I saw several white kurtas and a few jholas. The people sporting these made quite a hullabaloo and sprinkled a pamphlet or so at every passer-by who seemed curious enough. I looked for the neighbourhood kids. They have been taking active part in the campaigning in our colony. *insert party here* ka saath gives you water ka bath, or some such slogan. As you see, pretty neat.

Now, Dad is pretty involved as far as the local campaigning goes. He gets invited to these dinner does which serve dal tadka and rice and make you listen to a lot of bhashan.

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