Letters to my love…

No Little Letter, I have qualms about sending you via post.

What if you are lost in a scary traffic jam? The postman may decide he has had enough of the vicious Delhi traffic and abandon his bicycle in the middle of the road. Then you, along with the others letters in his kitty, will troop all the way down to the asphalted roads, breathing your last as speeding vehicles crush you to dust. No! I won’t let that happen.

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Debby, Delhi and Durga Puja

Debby in Commonwealth Land this October painted quite a pretty picture, claim onlookers. Thank you paparazzi, I appreciate it. Now that I am back at my cubicle in MKCL, having driven through some completely un-Delhi Pune lanes, all I can do is rewind and play. Here are Durga Puja highlights, freshly baked from reflections, in order of arbitrary preference:

1. Couture Culture: There’s nothing like going back to your wardrobe and finding it revamped. Ah you envious souls, that’s exactly what happened to me! There were blues and there were reds and rosy pinks and jade greens… if there is bliss it is this.

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