The Thermometer Never Lies

Fever Thermometer

“But it can,” I insisted. “The battery may have run out. The mercury might be misbehaving.”

“No such luck. It is a brand new thermometer. Plus, I don’t even need one—your forehead is hot enough to make luchis on.”

It was a beautiful day outside. February in Delhi is a wonderful time. The bite of winter is gone, and the sun is golden and inviting. It was the ideal weather to go up to the roof, bite into peanuts, play with my ping-pong ball, and race with the kittens. Instead, here I was in bed, wrapped in rugs, facing the prospect of a perfectly glorious day sacrificed to fever. Continue reading

Growing up with Mum

When I was in senior school, I once had the responsibility of escorting a neighbour’s little girl to her nursery class. All the way to her colourful classroom, I would be in awe of the large fish and butterflies drawn on the walls. She, on her part, would be busy trying to cry. More often than not, actual tears would fail her, and she would have to make do with howls-that-make-your-hair-stand-on-end. I was curious to know if the howls resounded in all their glory in the confines of her house as well. I spoke to Mom about it one day.

“How did you manage to stay sane when I howled?”

“Thankfully, you never did. You enjoyed school too much to howl.”

Aha! I went up in my own estimation.

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Birthdays in a Flash

The thinkers often talk about the one moment when life will flash by in front of your eyes. They warn you to live well so you don’t regret the flashback. I have no clue if this is an omen of some sort but I get that flash every once in a while. It usually comes at important junctures and in moments when you need to look calm and composed. In fact, it can sometimes be quite a spoilsport.

At the airport yesterday, I saw a mental audio-visual of my growing up days. And I grew up really fast, or so I hear. Nani tells me I was born with a huge bunch of curly black hair. They had to make trips up and down the staircase when I learnt to hold things. Err, to collect all the stuff that I would drop from the balcony. Does anyone have insight on why children do that? I was very protective about my stuff otherwise and would ensure everything was in place when the other kids – the neighbours’, for instance – left. Mom would help me cut out the lions and elephants I would draw for my school holiday homework. She would sit by patiently as I painted them red and brown and yellow. All of the Delhi summer afternoon, until the evening breeze beckoned us to the balcony. And then, when Papa would arrive, Grandpa would fix all of us a glass of aam panna.

Sometimes, it is so hard to believe you are growing up. Especially when you gorge on the aloo ka parantha and bask in the sun just as you used to when you were small. The sun is warm and serene, the afternoon resplendent with memories. At other times, it is impossible not to acknowledge how time has flown. How tall you have grown, how friends are getting married, how you need to travel back to Pune the next day. At such times, I hold on to Mom in a super-tight hug and tell her how much I love her. I order a plateful of hot pakoras from nani’s kitchen. I sit with nanaji and Papa and talk about how the youngest cat has been learning to climb. Then, I get a semblance of peace. The moon comes out in the night-sky as I stand hand-in-hand with R. I gaze at the twinkling stars and I find the skies of Pune merging with the ones back where the rest of my world is.

When tomorrow dawns, the sun will rise to tell me it has been a year. One whole year since I acknowledged I am getting older. Since P&P refuses to go without the customary celebration, I grant him as much. 

So here goes – it’s a ‘Happy Birthday to Me’ from P&P! 


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Know thee, know thy tag.

Like I remember mentioning in another post, few things are as exciting as an award. The Zodiac which Dad read out the other day promised grand things like foreign travel and scintillating moments with loved ones and spouses. I am not sure if any of that is working out, but I do have two little packages here, gift-wrapped in silver by Usha Di.

Saddi Delhi gets the ‘ABC Blogger Award’. What an alphabetic-al honour! 🙂

ABC Award

So the rules say: “You have to describe in a word or two, the first thing that comes to your mind, about you, when you think of the letter of the alphabet.”

Okay, here goes:

A – Awed at the amount of gossip some people seem to know
B – Book Lover
C – Cute. Or didn’t you know?
D – Darr-ling. R’s of course. 😀
E – Eccentric.
F – Fish-Non-Eater
G – Gorger of Palak Paneer
H–Huge Foot-ed. I don’t get shoes my size.
I – Idiot Bargainer
J– Junglee Billi Lover. Even the dogs.
K– Kaleiodoscopic Wardrobe
L – Little patience if you’re too loud
M – Moody
N – No aptitude for crossing the roads
O – Oranges-are-the-best-fruits believer
P – Punctual
Q – Quality over quantity in most matters
R – Routine oriented
S – Silent treatment meted out on occasions 😀
T – Travel lover!
U– Ultra sensitive about certain issues
V – Vanish into my hole when stressed
W – Wood-floor enthusiast
X – X’massy. Complete with the golden stars, jingling bells and green paper.
Y – Yours, truly. And loyally.
Z – Zestful

Next in queue: Saddi Delhi gets ‘The Elevenses Tag’. Eleven questions in one shot ain’t bad at all!

This time the rules are:

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