A Midday Spell

~*Winning Entry in Snapdeal’s #DilKiDealOnSnapdeal activity

Tiffin Box

I was absolutely uninterested in the day ahead. Outside the window, the world was silent as the grave, still as the mountains you could see from some localities in Pune. All I wanted to do was snuggle up in bed and stare into the distance, except that this can be particularly hard when you have a growling stomach. More so, when the stomach refuses to welcome instant noodles.

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Growing up with Mum

When I was in senior school, I once had the responsibility of escorting a neighbour’s little girl to her nursery class. All the way to her colourful classroom, I would be in awe of the large fish and butterflies drawn on the walls. She, on her part, would be busy trying to cry. More often than not, actual tears would fail her, and she would have to make do with howls-that-make-your-hair-stand-on-end. I was curious to know if the howls resounded in all their glory in the confines of her house as well. I spoke to Mom about it one day.

“How did you manage to stay sane when I howled?”

“Thankfully, you never did. You enjoyed school too much to howl.”

Aha! I went up in my own estimation.

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How miracles are shaped

~*An entry to “The Chicken Soup for the Indian Soul – Indian Doctors”

“My leg’s just fine, believe me.” I looked up as *Dida frowned at the doctor. She tried to sit up in bed to prove her point, but failed in the attempt.

“Take it easy Mrs. Malati.” The doctor smiled, helping Dida readjust in bed. “I am sure you’re feeling much better but you’ll need some more rest nevertheless.”

The doctor was a cheerful young woman, barely in her early thirties.  The identity card around her neck showed her smiling sweetly out of a passport-size photograph. Probably taken in medical school, I surmised. I stood up as she came to me.

“She is coping up well, you’ll be glad to know.” she smiled. “I am sure we can discharge her in a week.”

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