Kabootar Chowk

Warsaw pigeon

*Picture from jeziorki.blogspot.com

“It’s all very good to suggest doing a business. Have you given thought to what we can sell?” Ratul grimaced at Manohar, his friend and partner in several unsuccessful ventures till date.

“Am I the only¬†smart one? Can’t you come up with a product idea, for a change?”

“Smart indeed! The last time we went by your suggestion and started selling balloons, that kid got hurt and his Mom ravaged our store.”

“How was I to know the balloon would deflate with such an explosion?”

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What’s the mystery behind my Pune flat being Cat-Less?

House Cats

At home in Delhi these days, I can’t help but appreciate the warmth the house cats bring with them. We have around five of these, all belonging to a single extended family. Presently nibbling at Ma’s delicious fish fry are a mother and son and a foster son. The latter’s mother is on exile somewhere (and I can’t be sure she hasn’t eloped with the rather good-looking grey cat I had seen eying her when I was home last) That’s not to pile dirt on our darling kitty family. All the members are playful, kindly and in possession of huge appetites.

Strangely enough, my flat in Pune is devoid of any member of the animal kingdom.

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